Does forever mean forever?

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    Very interesting. I like learning new things. Thanks for the research.
  • I_love_Jeff
    You are welcome MissFit
  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    When I was growing up in the late 1950s, there were many half-hour TV shows (most locally produced) that used short stories from older radio shows, comic books and small anthologies . These shows were typically 1/2 hour, but a few were an hour or 90 minutes. Some of the stories were later rewritten and adapted for shows like Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and similar. Many of these stories had a general plot line that showed some doofus wishing and hoping for success, lots of money, love, or whatever - only to be destroyed by the very thing desired and gained.

    One episode (was probably just produced locally and never archived) was about a man who wanted to live forever. Somehow he came across some secret potion that allowed him to achieve his goal. He gets hit by a car in one scene and everyone is standing around saying, "Poor guy never saw it coming and doesn't stand a chance" - and then two hours later he walks out of the Emergency Hospital in perfect shape and he barely remembers what happened. Another show that was adapted for a more modern episode 40 years later had a selfish and greedy scientist and his partner develop an injection that would prevent death under any circumstances - a "live forever pill." Not wanting to share the fortune that would surely come from such a discovery, the scientist kills his partner before that fellow was able to take the injection. He realized that in that state, even if you are convicted and sentenced to death, if you don't die during your execution you are granted a pardon. The twist is, of course, that after he is convicted the court takes pity on him and commutes his death sentence to "life without the possibility of parole." Nasty twist to a perfect scheme that backfired. And he can't even commit suicide.

    This got me to thinking about how JWs think about "life everlasting in a paradise earth."

    Think about it for a moment (I've posed this question to several JWs who have come to my door)... While the first couple of hundred years might be fun and full of work and play, I'm wondering if you'd get tired of walking your tiger around the block every 4 hours for the next 2-300 years. Would your pets die? Or would they live forever too. After the earth has been turned into a perfect paradise and no one goes hungry and everyone is fit and healthy in a body that is equivalent to a 30-35 year old, what do you have to look forward too? What do you do after 1000 years? One million years? One billion years? Eternity is a freaking long time! Life can get very boring if everything is perfect and has no challenges left to face. While no sickness, war, accidents, or aging will kill you, would there be a point where you just finally say, "Please shoot me. I've had enough!"


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