Circuit Overseers Are On a Pledge Drive

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  • minimus

    Stilla, you either got to be kidding or my respect for YOU went down a few notches.... You can't see that the Society is testing the waters here to see if this CO video night will work so that they can get you suckers to give $$$ ----because of how they didn't beg. With all due respect, the Society isn't a billion dollar corporation because they're stupid. They know how to appeal to suckers.

  • Acurardx2007

    People should think -- Why wouldn't the society use some of the large amount of money it has to just alright buy Kingdom Halls for people in poorer countries. The contributions for the world wide work is quite alot. Therefore in the spirit of gaving the money should be sent to this countries to build Kingdom Halls.I believe that is why it is difficult to find fininicals on the Society, because of the money taken in was know and the money spent by the society on things related to the preaching probably would be interesting.

  • blondie

    Accurd, as was discussed on JWD, an individual JW may donate money to be used to building KHs Africa but when the WTS gets the money, they can decide to spend it elsewhere as they did for the donations for Katrina, telling them to make the check out to the Worldwide Work not to Katrina Relief Effort. So will all the money donated go to those KHS or into other more "worthy" projects the WTS determines?


  • Tea4Two

    A sucker pitch if ever I seen one! Can we say SCAM!

  • silentWatcher

    Actually, I've heard from those "in the know" that contributions from the poorer nations are actually higher than contributions from the richer ones. Counter-intuitive until you realize that most JWs in the richer counties are realtively poor. 3 generations of actively discouraging higher education have come home to roost.


  • DannyHaszard
    3 generations of actively discouraging higher education have come home to roost.

    The Haszard clan was always poor because we gave it all to the Watchtower. My father started out with a $50,000 ( @ 1952 inflationary adjustment) missionary bank account and by the time he married my mom and settled down he was flat broke,and we have been broken ever since.

    Sometimes the good that you do,doesn't do you any good-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • LDH

    So let me get this right.

    If a JW sees a movie of dancing and singing tribesmen 'happifying' one another while building a KH, it should motivate you to send money to help them build more halls.

    But if a JW sees images of dying and starving children with their eyes sunk in and their bellies bloated and swarmed with flies, It should make you rejoice that "Real Soon Now" TM Jehovah will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more.

    I don't F*#&ing think so.

  • anewme

    Well, just about all the churches have their oversees fund drives and missionaries that need supplies or trips home and they show videos too of the work being done and where the dollars are going.
    Its just part of being American. Everybody thinks you have money to spare and expects you to share.
    Im sure the African people are very deserving people who do need alot of help and dollars. And Im all for donating money to them over fixing up the Stanley Theater.

    But it is just all too much! A month ago they were demonizing higher education in the Watchtower Study and now they are tugging at the heart strings for more donation money to go oversees.

    Just wring the sheep dry!
    The poor witnesses have no rest. They are never good enough, holy enough, or giving enough. They dont have enough time with their families. They dont get to take proper vacations. They dont get to have a birthday nor send their mothers a lovely mothers day card or valentine. So much is taken away from them. Just keep scrubbing those floors and toilets and windows and coming to meetings and giving giving giving. And when you finally GIVE OUT we will throw you to the streets!

    They think they kicked me out to a place of torment.
    But they kicked me out to a place of rest.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I wonder if they are going to interrupt the Pubic talk and Watchtower Study 20 Minutes into it for a "Pledge Break?

    Maybe as an incentive, they can offer (at the $100 level) a nice cross and crown pin from Pastor Russell.
    (At the $50 level, do you get Miracle Wheat?)

  • peggy

    It was a little humiliating for the Cong. I attended this past Thursday night. They have a 75,000 dollar remodel planned for the Month of May!


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