Circuit Overseers Are On a Pledge Drive

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  • snarf

    I never did understand why the WTS corp. never gave the money themselves to fulfill their preaching mission, they have millions and millions of dollars and assets that they could use to build them, but no, make the already struggleing DUBS feel responsible.

    my respect for the society went up about 100% for that

    Stilla are you serious?!?!? Its emotional propoganda designed to make you feel guilty about sitting in your air conditioned, heated during the winter, kingdom hall with wireless roving mikes, CD sound system, and fully stocked library. In other words we still need more money. Go take a look at Stanley Theater and see if that would've been $ better spent elsewhere.

  • DannyHaszard
  • DannyHaszard

    alt WWJD ? The Watchtower still owns the opulent Stanley theater (Saddam's palace) in New York city?While their brothers in 3rd world countries exist in cradle to grave agony. Would Jesus preach in the Stanley theater ?

  • DannyHaszard

    WATCHTOWER Jehovah's Witness WHISTLE BLOWER click, WT$ cash cow

  • metatron

    I agree, they don't "beg" or "plead". You're quite right.

    No, in regard to contributions, the Watchtower Society reminds

    and reminds

    and reminds

    and reminds

    and reminds

    and reminds

    And that's what they've been doing ever since the voluntary donation arrangement started.....


  • primitivegenius

    whether they ask for money outright....... or they thank ya for money already received, the end result is the same. you feel like crap for not giving more, cause lets face it, every hall in the states is a thousand times better than freaking grass huts.

    they want you to think.............. um...... did i give anything? of course you cant remember giving much so now you give more and maybe even a big chunk.

    the halls where i grew up were told that they shouldnt remodel the hall, instead they should sell it and build a new one because the labor is free. the brothers would come and build it, just had to feed them.

    of course the NEW LOAN would be much higher because you simply must improve over the former hall. the hall i was going to...... guess they still have my card lol, made it to pay off. hall was in bad shape because it took dang near everything to pay the mortgage, so time for a remodel. the regional quick build comm said should sell. they were like ........ um...... no we like our unusual hall, we just want new carpet, fresh paint, new roof, and a paved parking lot. ohhhhhhhh so you dont listen to theocratic directions huh brothers.

    well NOW i have GOOD NEWS because that hall is merging with the hall it split from because awwwwwwwww attendance is down. (insert fake as hell sad face here) heheheheh

    after all is said an done tho what i find amuseing is the fact that the society takes great pains to point out how other religions pass the plate around repeatedly yet they only have boxes at the back of the church for VOLUNTARY contributions. ive been in tons of churches that do the very same thing.

    i dont even have a problem with their video showing the work...... i just wish that they could provide proof that the money was actually used to build it and they didnt loan it to the poor bestards who have no money to live much less build a church. i know that when my church puts up a video about helping a certain cause or expanding their facilities there is no doubt where the $ is going and that it is given freely to them without expectation of repayment. wish same could be said of the wts

  • wannaexit

    We will be getting this video in the summer months when the C0 comes around again.

    Can't wait to see it


  • DannyHaszard
  • Thinkagain

    As always you come though Blondie, I can't wait for the

    apostate feast, just as they want to grow in other countries ,WE will keep

    growing here!!!!! My money is on you guys.

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