Just emailed Silent Lambs of Pedophiles in South Oz

by wozadummy 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • wozadummy

    Thanks for the boot up the bum MISSPEACHES

    Come on Australia email Silent Lambs with alleged Pedophiles you know of and their congregation

    If they get a decent response it will be a great aid to protecting children


  • ozziepost
    alleged Pedophiles

    'alleged" ?????

    Please don't post them on JWD.

  • misspeaches

    Well done Wozadummy!

    That information is so valuable. If people can be more aware of these hidden perps who are in their own congregations amongst their own kids it may help them from being victims!

  • wozadummy

    Don't worry Ozzie I won't name anyone or publish congos here, it is'nt the appropriate place for that ! Dam you must be a Kiwi to react like that!

    I just want to do my bit and maybe encourage others ,it is a relevant topic for this forum is'nt it?

  • misspeaches

    Woza.... your wrong! ozzie is [edited] not a kiwi! He he he....

    I just wanted to reinforce that I think your doing the right thing but passing this info on for the silent lambs database.

  • unclebruce
    Thanks for the boot up the bum MISSPEACHES

    Wow real aussie speak LOL at wozadummy.

    bum boot'n unc.



    Hey Togo KudJo ~ bring back miss peaches or I'll punch your lights out! ....freak'n fruitnappers.. wot next

  • Frog

    I admire your enthusiasm Woza, but I wonder though if there isn't a better way to go about these things? I hate to think that perhaps well-meaning people might be falsely accused on issues such as paedophilia. Once a person has lost their reputation in that respect, they never get it back.

    But having said that though, I appreciate that the health & well-being of children should always comes first. If there are relatively clear signs of child abuse then it should unquestionably be reported, and the perpetrators hung out to dry. x

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I agree with frog here regarding reporting "alleged" paedophiles. You could inadvertantly destroy someones life based on a stupid rumour ! Shit like this sticks, accuse someone of fiddling with kiddies and even though it might be completely untrue that rumour will follow them for the rest of their lives.

    This is heading down a very dangerous path. Just for one minute think of the repercussions in your life if someone started a rumour like this about you and it ended up on a site about perverts that abuse kids. Not a very pleasant thought is it.

  • diamondblue1974

    I think it would be much safer, legally and morally if we simply were to name the congregation and how many paedophiles are contained within it...that way then any lurkers on the silent lambs site would be aware of a potential problem and be more vigilant.

    Just my thoughts on the subject!


  • rebel8

    Frog, Silent Lambs already has a database of US pedophiles and wozadummy is trying to get them to create one for AU. The site clearly states they are allegations. http://silentlambs.org/sllist.htm

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