Not ONE JW superhero!!!

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I found this site today. It lists pretty much every superhero out there and what religion they are supposed to be. I scrolled through the list and saw a bunch of religions I've never even heard of before but not one JW superhero!! I have to say I was a bit dissappointed!!

    This webpage includes information about Catholic superheroes, Jewish superheroes, Buddhist superheroes, Christian superheroes, Protestant superheroes, Methodist superheroes; Muslim superheroes, GLBT superheroes, LGBT superheroes, Mormon superheroes, Latter-day Saint superheroes, Vodoun superheroes, Greco-Roman classical religionist superheroes, religious superheroes, Presbyterian superheroes, Eastern Orthodox superheroes, Greek Orthodox superheroes, pagan superheroes, Egyptian religionist superheroes, atheist superheroes, Communist superheroes, agnostic superheroes, Hindu superheroes, Shinto superheroes, Roma superheroes, Gypsy superheroes, Baptist superheroes, Native American superheroes, Native Canadian superheroes, Indian superheroes, Tibetan Buddhist superheroes, Druid superheroes, Sunni superheroes, Islamic superheroes, Anglican superheroes, Episcopalian superheroes, Episcopal superheroes, Southern Baptist superheroes, Northern Baptist superheroes, National Baptist superheroes, Lutheran superheroes, Evangelical superheroes, and more.


  • Spectre

    It would be bad association to hang out with the other superheroes in their skimpy tight suits.

    And how lame it would be, "I just saved your life citizen, now here, take a watchtower!"

  • damselfly

    That's because every JW already is a superhero! The secret weapon is the Watchtower magazine.

    Besides tights are only for girls in JW land. ( imagine that as an amusement park )


  • Dune

    I always thought Nighcrawler or proffessor X would make good JW superhero's.

    If a householder refused to take magazine he would just teleport inside and INSIST that they have a bible study.

    Proffessor X is an idealist who wont STFU, thats pretty close to a JW...

  • Knyte

    What do you mean? They have 144,000 of them!

    At least, the way that my grandmother acts, you would think that she was all powerful, all knowing, and super.


  • stillajwexelder

    A true Christian does not glorify men and make superheroes out of them

  • AlmostAtheist
  • stillajwexelder

    My current CO?

  • Scully

    There's just no time for crime fighting when you have to clean offices at night and Pioneerâ„¢ during the day.

    Besides, wouldn't being a superhero be a little too close for comfort to Thinking More Of Oneself Than Is Necessaryâ„¢?

  • EAGLE-1

    Full Of Shit Man

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