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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    There are some things i need to prove to my mum, here they are...

    Firstly the Cuneiform tablet with part of the Babylonian Chronicle (605-594). Before i discuss this with mum i need to know that this is accepted FACT and nothing will change what it says or affect its content. For example the Jehovah's Witnesses have a book called 'Insight into the Scriptures' and there is a picture of the same tablet with different dating which of course is cause for concern. Lets say i wanted to come down to the Museum with my mum and show her this tablet what will it say to disprove her date 607 BCE for Jerusalem's destruction?

    Here you go, Below is how the Tablet mentioned in the "Insight into the Scriptures" book is displayed at the British Museum as of 23 March 2006. Interestingly Enough some idiot at the WTBTS graphic design dept has not only got the tablet upside down but back to front, so the text reads the wrong way.


    Then the two Lachish Letters. These prove the date to NOT be 607 BCE?

    Here they are as of the above date


    The reason i am asking for more details is because i intend to come down to the M useum at some point. Are there any other things at the Museum that will prove the date of Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians in 586/7 BCE?

    Well there's this display as well...


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    luv, jojo

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    Does the official Witness tour skip this part?

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    Thank you so......much for the photos!!! More proof for the arsinal!!


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I should add that those exhibits are TINY, the stone tablet is no more than 2.5 inches high, the writing on it is minuscule.

    The "Letters" are the remains of a pot. The writing was written onto the side of a pot for some strange reason and these pieces measure no more that 4 inches across.

    Unfortunately both pieces are easily missed amongst all the other stuff in their cases.

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    That is GREAT thank you soo much I will have to use this when we present this to the elders that keep coming by every week to ask us what are questions are on why we stopped going to meetings. Thank you

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    I always had it in my mind they were actual book size, for what ever reason. Thank you for sharing!


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    Thanks Doc,

    What was the security like? (We wouldn't want any to go missing).


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    Excellent! Good work Doc.

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    Oh cool thanks this is great!

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