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  • TimJonz

    Is the Sabbath of the Lord done away with?

  • LDH

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  • LDH

    Since your profile says you keep the sabbath, why do you care what others think or do?

  • jgnat

    I vote that we post our answer on the sabbath.

  • TimJonz

    Why do i care?....

    I'm goin in the highways, and bi-ways to preach the word.

    If theres a issue wit it, Let it ride(don't have to comment on the topic).

  • Clam

    what is a black sabbath???? (no don't say a band!)

  • BlessedStar

    Hello Timjonz you want to talk a bit about the sabbath?

    Well let's see, then you are a SDA right? Which day does your faith consider sabbath day? Saturday right?

    We'll take this slow. That ok. Please no long posts. Thanks.


  • AuldSoul

    There is no law still binding on Christians to observe a specific Sabbath day, if that is what you are asking. However, keeping a Sabbath makes sense for anyone who wishes to maintain a good communion with God. Regular periods of spiritual contemplation are refreshing and encouraging to me, so I keep a sort of Sabbath.

    Paul went to great lengths to dispel the notions that Christians were under compulsion to observe certain times, days, and seasons. But he went to equal trouble to make clear that no one should trouble those who choose to keep such observances.

    Of course, if you are trying to keep the Sabbath in order to fulfill the Mosaic Law, thinking that such efforts will please God, you are also under obligation to fulfill the whole law. Do you know the whole law? Do you return people's property that you purchased from them after 50 years? Do you punch holes in the ears of your slaves if they wish to remain your servant after the period of their servitude is completed?

    These are interesting points to me. I am curious to read your thoughts on the matter. There can hardly be "discussion" of the point if it is one-sided.


  • TimJonz

    okay, I'm gonna go in order.

    Black Sabbath is a day for those that worship the angel of light. I'm not 100% accurate of when, but I'm estimating around holloween.

    The sabbath day is Saturday, which is the 7th day of the week.

    As for Adul(i'm not sure how to spell your name off memory).

    If you can show me in the word (with out misinterpreting)that christians are not to keep the sabbath of the Lord, I promise you I'll go some where in sat down. But my bible says in Mark 2:27, that the sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath. Notice that it dosn't say jews, greek, gentiles, arabs, mexicans, black, white, latino or haitian. It says "Man." Aren't you under that category? The writer paul in the book of acts, always mentions something about him going into the synagogue on the sabbath to sabbath to peach the word. If christians are not to keep it, then why didn't paul ask them to come back on sunday (1st day of the week) to hear the word, due to the fact that we are not under the law any more. Now, if all else fails, what does Isaiah 1: 13 say?

  • lawrence


    Your profile says that you won't bid someone who disagrees with you God speed. You are one hell of a Christian, and as a man, one notch below zero. Pay Judas a call, you should have a lot in common. Forget the Sabbath, how about love!

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