Mind Control Newsflash: Girl held against her will for 10 years

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  • Check_Your_Premises


    The news story quotes someone who says "nobody will believe she was held against her will". This is because she was an adult, and was free to leave the house at certain times. People with no experience with mind control will assume she didn't want to leave. They will assume that if she wanted to leave she would have.

    All it took was for a man at a convenience store to talk to her. It broke the spell for her.

    But alas, after many precious years lost, never to be regained.

    A happy ending I guess. As happy as it could be.

    How would you like to have to put that life back together.


  • LDH

    CYP this is an unbelievable story. Almost reminds me of Elizabeth Smart in Utah. Living less than two miles from home.

    These predators know who they are looking for. They would never target a 'leader'--someone who would tell them to f* off. They know how to 'hunt.'

    Thank you for sharing, I really feel for that girl. Oh man.

  • M.J.
    "You're stupid. You're immature," she said Hose told her. "Nobody cares about you but me."

    You NEED us. You are cursed without us. You are worthless without us.

  • Mary

    Unbelievable...............I hope this scumbag rots in prison..........

  • MsMcDucket

    Unfortunately, many women are trapped in marriages like these...the mind control thing...you can't make it without me, nobody else will want you, I will kill you if you leave me...

    It's the same thing.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    you can't make it without me,

    We need spirtual food from the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Where else can we go?

    nobody else will want you,

    Other churches only care about money (not about you!!!). They don't try to enforce any rules because they know people won't show up to give money. Only JW have love among themselves.

    I will kill you if you leave me...

    Only Jehovah's people have a hope of surviving Armageddon...

    Sounds like a wife beater to me.


  • ferret

    Check-Your-Premises. You are so right. It is abuse on a much larger scale.

  • james_woods

    If you don't believe this can happen, two more examples (besides the 6million JWs) -

    That Oklahoma prison warden's wife that ran off with the life sentence murderer after helping him escape. She became his common-law in south Texas and they worked on a chicken farm. He apparantly kept her around just by mental control - told her that he would come back and kill all her relatives and kids if she ever ran away. They got caught when some neighbor recognized them from TV.

    Patty Hearst - kidnapped but later became "Tanya the revolutionary" and shot up bank lobby.

    Incredible that some pretty successful people can be blindsided this way and robbed of years of their lives.

    We as exJW should be at least sympathetic to such stories, IMHO. But, I am still not buying that New York amnesiac guy who is getting all the press just now...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The book Perfect Victim tells a similar story. Twenty-year old Colleen Stan was kidnapped and kept captive for 7 years before she was able to escape. I have posted several times about this. During her captivity she had many opportunities to escape but her captor had her convinced terrible things would happen if she disobeyed him in any way.

    The techniques used by abusive spouses. abusive parents, and abusive cults are exactly the same.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Oh that poor girl! Let's hope the man who did this to her has plenty of time to reflect on what he has done - behind bars. He should never be released for this.

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