Bee silly but not stupid

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  • lola28

    Can I be both?


  • KW13

    LOL picnic areas with eating/refreshment places? I think thats a cafe

  • james_woods

    Hi - (note this is from a 56 year old computer geek):

    When we first got pocket calculators, a lot of us who had to do our math, chemistry, and physics in the 1960s were all stressed out that kids no longer had to learn to use slide rules and logarithm tables. It was pointed out to me that logs and slidesticks were merely an easy way to get calculated results and not an end in themselves. The principles behind the numbers were more important.

    I am considered an old gruntfart in the computer industry because I am one of the last programmers around here who knows machine language and assembler code. I am even kind of behind the times as I did my current app in C++. Nowadays all the newbies use Java.

    I have always refused to buy a car with an automatic transmission - but now the very best sports jobs are mostly coming with a sort of automatic that has paddles on the wheel to change the gears. I am sticking with stickshift...but the newbies tell me the paddles are faster.

    When TV came in the 1950s, our teachers were all stressed out that kids were becoming TV zombies and did not go outdoors and play.

    I don't know - maybe internet and computer games are just stealing time away from Gameboy and MTV?

    Point being, I think change is inevitable and we do have to adapt to it.

    Now, I suppose you are going to tell me that this is proof the society is OK in changing primary doctrine every 25 years or so?

    HaHa, James.

  • greendawn

    This is a useful tool and like any other if it's used wisely it is beneficial for education and for entertainment it's a matter of using it in a balanced way. For me it doesn't substitute the real face to face life it just adds to it.

    There are many computer games that are educational eg aboout history or science.

  • kid-A


    I am still trying to figure out the logical connection between the title of your thread "bee silly not stupid" to "children and video games" and "whether or not we still have picnics" ???

    Not sure what you're smokin', but sure hope you are gonna share it with us!!! LOL

  • daystar
    Are you a technophobe? A luddite? I will bet I'm close

    Please explain. Thanks.

    It's called Google, use it.

  • Legolas
    eg 1. Children are behind computers games more than playing in the park

    Sadly ..I do have to agree with that one...Of course I am not talking about every kid, but most of them!

  • luna2
    Not sure what you're smokin', but sure hope you are gonna share it with us!!! LOL

    kid, BlessedBee is naturally high....or something.

  • Finally-Free
    I'm wondering if any of you people think that computerized and new technology is taking away the fun of natural life?

    Technology does not take away from my enjoying anything. I can bring my laptop and blackberry with me when I go hunting/fishing/camping/hiking. I can also use a microwave in my truck, and an electric beer cooler as well.

    Life is good.


  • willowmoon
    Children are behind computers games more than playing in the park

    I get sooooo tired of hearing people (seems like mostly old people) repeat that generality. I know many children, including my own son, who would rather play outside. But my son doesn't always play in the park, he also plays outside in his own yard, or the beach, or in the woods, or at a farm -- is that okay?

    The ones harping about the kids and computers are often the same ones yelping that the sky falling.

    Anyway, people choose where they want to be. If they choose to eat junk food at a computer or get eaten alive by bees at a picnic, so what?

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