Is there depression in the new system???

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  • hallelujah

    The thought of being resurrected just to sing Kingdom melodies all day doesn't inspire me at all.

  • hallelujah

    At least in Catholic hell there's freedom of thought and religeon.

  • Narkissos
    humans have a whole spectrum of emotions ranging from anxiety to elation, anger to serenity. Some of the greatest works of art and literature have emerged from some of the darker emotions and feelings of desperation.

    I could not agree more. I can hardly think of something more unbearable than mandatory happiness. I still remember a fellow pioneer admitting to me that she couldn't bear the assemblies for this very reason.

    The scandalous postcard in Kundera's Joke comes to mind:

    "Optimism is the opium of the people! The healthy atmosphere stinks! Long live Trotsky!"

    But (from a European viewpoint) I wonder if JWs are not a caricature of a larger American trend, with its emphasis on "positive thinking," tending to consider all melancholy as a pathology requiring medical treatment.

    "Sad and beautiful" was a powerfully liberating thought to me on my way out of the JW mindset.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I was wondering this morning when looking at some commercial for depression medication, if the WTS owns stock in a major pharmaceutical company that manufactures anti depressants? if they do, they are creating and maintaining their own client base, just a thought in this inquiring mind!


  • james_woods

    Well, they do (or maybe did) own almost all the NYC buildins of the old Squibb Pharmecutical Company. One of my friends spent almost all his time at bethel trying to scrape the walls and repaint them... I don't know if they ever actually were used for anything but storing up those giant rolls of paper.

    Depression? At least not for the top annointed - The Judge certainly did not seem too depressed during the "Great Depression" of the thirties, what with his V16 Caddy, the Euro cruises, the mansion, the whisky, and of course the little cuties Berthie and Bobbette...and of course - he's off to heaven and doesn't have to worry about cleaning up a worldwide post-Megiddo mess on a far greater scale of destruction than Baghdad!!!

    But wait - some say he was depressed and just became a sick & tired & pissed off grumpy old man...who knows for sure?

  • luna2
    I could not agree more. I can hardly think of something more unbearable than mandatory happiness. I still remember a fellow pioneer admitting to me that she couldn't bear the assemblies for this very reason.

    Yes! I can't stand fake, pretend happiness. Its great to be a optomistic and happy if that's how you actually feel, but to force it? Ugh.

    I have friends (non-JW friends) who seem to think that if you have a few depressed days or aren't jumping for joy all the time that you should immediately go to the doctor and get depression meds. Sorry, but I don't believe that feeling a variety of emotions is automatically a signal that you need a pill.

  • blondie

    Read this Armageddon Survivor story. Depression and a whole lot more in the "new system."

  • hallelujah

    Hi Blondie

    Thanks for the great link. I never would have thought to parallell Jehovah's Organisation with Angka, The Organisation, (known outside of Democratic Kampuchea as the Khmer Rouge or Khmer Reds) which terrorised Cambodia after year zero.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey Hallelujah: I don't think that the end is going to be mountains of dead the Wt teaches. I think Jesus is the 'prince of peace' and love and will give people every opportunity to change on his 2nd coming..and work with people to help them see the light or the right way. JW's teach, I guess, that Jesus will come floating on a cloud and zapping anyone who isn't a witness...Not!!!!! LIke an instantaneous type of thing...I also think the new order will not have depression.

    whatacoincidence :depression in the spiritual paradise thus depression in the new system

    you are getting the WT mixed up with the truth...BIG MISTAKE

    Hall....: You don't really want to say Satan = Jehovah, do you?

    I hate Kingdom Melodies..sure glad there not the truth..kingdom mel..forever would be hell.

    Yes, the Catholics are much better that the witnesses right now, anyways.. I'm going to visit one this week. More freedom of choice. Yes!

  • Lapuce

    Welcome to paradise..... I meant Prozac......

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