controlling circuit overseers

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  • primitivegenius

    got a story for yall. new circuit overseer came to my familys cong. hard ass about working at night or basicly any time a meeting is being or could be held. jumps everyones ass that has to work evenings to make ends meet, says that they better quit their jobs and find others............. hummmm guess thats easy to say when this MFer gets his check from the wts no matter what huh. he apparently meets with everyone who has any "PRIVLEDGES" elder, ms, ect and who work during some or all meetings and says he will remove them( please ) if they dont i guess repent of their sins lol. now where my fam lives jobs are hard to come by unless you have that college education that the witnesses refuse to allow the rank and file dubs to get. aint that sweet, by their actions you will know that they have love among themselves right....... um .......... maybe not. now a brother who i know that is sick with cancer.... chemotherapy ect, was just moved onto a shift where his schedule will interfear with meetings but he is away getting treatment. when the co caught his ass he said that the only reason he was leaving him as a servant was because he was so sick.......... otherwise he would be removed( could he get that lucky? ) now this same brother is less than a year from retirement, so really what the hell does it matter cause with him he wouldnt miss a meeting unless he absolutely had to unfortunately. now when he brought this up among my family they instantly started the dub BS by defending this bastard saying that he really didnt mean it like that but was testing the brothers. ok............. only one person can test me and get away with it as far as im concerned and thats god. supposedly this F-er is doing this to see how they react, to see if there good lil dubbies with their heads up there asses. when they say pay my bills and ill quit then he knows they arent good little jehovahs witlessnesses and feels inclined to remove them. my wife and i were like WTF, both of us steaming mad at this asshole and the org that empowers him that we were sitting there shakeing. i was like damn as if the org wasnt controlling enough as it is. guess its good ive moved on because that probably woulda provoked a two finger salute on my behalf. i mean what a dickless wonder and yet my family defended him as if his words came from jesus himself..................... pray for em lol.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    definately a mfer in my book. reminds me of a tightass who wanted to convert any and all publishers into pioneers - he got kicked of the c.o. list for this - the society said he had his own agenda. go figure.

  • Mary

    Sounds just like our CO that we had about 10 years ago. He gave all the elders and MS's whose jobs either required them to work overtime or shift work an ultimatum: get another job or you'll be removed. The one elder gave up a job that was paying over $100,000/yr with absolutely fantastic benefits and took a job that paid $50,000/yr with no benefits. The next year both his daughters needed braces to the tune of $10,000. His previous job would have paid the entire thing. As it was, his wife had to go get a job to pay for the braces.

    This fool deleted so many elders that apparently even Bethel started to take notice and told him to knock it off. Last time I heard, he was out west and had been removed as a CO.

    i mean what a dickless wonder and yet my family defended him as if his words came from jesus

    That's the problem: They do think his words came right from the Son of God. That's why they find it so easy to defend morons like this. At an assembly about 5 years ago, the DO said from the platform "...every word that's spoken on this platform comes from the mind of Jehovah!"

  • James Free
    James Free

    These guys get off on the power trip.

    I remember one who got so upset whenever he saw some poor Witness not using the latest version of the New World Translation but their in perfectly good condition favourite.

    It's all about POWER - and nothing about LOVE!

    I always hated the pretend friendly smile that so many have too, whilst their eyes betrayed their real feelings.

  • primitivegenius

    yeah i hear ya lol at least i got one bit of good news outta it all tho. the cong i went to when i was a dub isnt doing good, neither is the one that it was formed from. soooo they are in process of disolving both and forming a single cong from the remnants hehehe. in my book thats a good sign when more are leaving than are joining. wonder what kinda power play that will bring between the two presideing overseers lol bet neither want to give up the reigns of POWER MUHUHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Dismembered

    Touche primitivegenius. That's GREAT news. May the trend continue.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Unfortunately the unbalance trickles down to the elder level. Several firefighter brothers I know have been told by their elderbodies (or is it elders-body?) that they will not be appointed because of their work schedules. They work a day on-day/day-off for six days, and then they have four consecutive days off. On average, they work 7-8 days a month. While they do miss a meeting here or there, it does allow them the opportunity to go out in service mid-week. In addition, because of their availability, they are frequently called upon to perform maintenance at the Kingdom Hall. In short, as usual, the brothers will take adavantage of their schedules for their own purposes and then chastise them for that same work schedule.

  • itsallgoodnow

    Yeah, they think all these witnesses aren't going to meetings because of work. LOL. In most cases, it's because more and more people just don't want to go anymore. They are freaking out about this casual attitude, and as usual, they take it out on the people who actually care about going when they can -- the elders and servants.

    The rest of us just sit back and say, "What are you going to do - disfellowship me? No? Then shut up."

    This reminds me of one time a CO said that people who didn't make the minimum hours per month (around 8-10) might as well be going to a baptist church for all the good that would do them. Well, I guess the poor bastard was probably right about that!

  • upside/down

    Someone needs to just kick his ass...



    Our last CO was like that, he removed many elders and servants and was a bully and so codescending. Before I "turned to the darkside" at one of his last visits he handled something incorrectly according to WT policy he tried to tear me a new one.... but when I handed him the elder letter (I was the Secretary at the time) he just looked at it and said "you can write service if you want but what we decided stands". Later I learned that he was bad mouthing me to the other elders trying instigate me to be deleted, thinking back I wished it had happened so I wouldnt be one anymore, but the other elders didnt like him either so they didnt agree.

    The next one after him was every bit as controlling but in a more subtle way...kind of like Darth Sidious if you watched the latest Star Wars movies. He would act behind the scenes manipulating elders to put people in to service commitee positions and suggest things during our mtgs but fall short of actually saying we had to go along but we all knew what he wanted and did it. He was so cunning that most of the elders in my hall were seduced to follow him and they were rewarded for their ass kissing with assembly parts.

    Now we have a new one, older man, and seems to be a company man but very to the point. Doesnt want to hassle with anything, just wants to do his job and leave. I guess they all have different personalities but to me the most hypocritical and dangerous is the second one I mentioned... the ones manipulating behind the scenes.

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