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  • Frog
    You will need to do some research to help your 12yo by the sounds of it.

    btw, I absolutely agree with jwfacts on this one... your lil boy will find your move away from the org very difficult to deal with, after all the years of WT indoctrination. It's going to be really important to help him with beating the indoctrination through thorough research that proves as we all know that the FDS aren't who they say they are, and to point out all the contradictions in the teachings and in their lack of love and humanity to those both inside and outside the org. No doubt this process will also help you to cement why you've made the decision you have :)

    luv frog x

  • freedomlover

    Welcome! wow what a read! Those heartless elders deserve to be bitch slapped! cold, bastards!

    I'm so happy for you and that you chose to think for yourself. I remember the intial "high" that came from making such a huge personal step. You will have some rough days ahead, but stick around here and we'll help you through them.

    We (hubby and I) left the org. recently and have moved 1,000 miles away to start over. Our kids were our biggest concern. Mine are younger than yours but they have literally adjusted way better than I thought they would! My oldest will be 8 this month and she misses her friends from the KH but we are trying to create a new social circle for them and they are adjusting perfectly. I really think we miss the social aspects of the org. and "brotherhood" the most. But, we can make new friends and heal over time.

    best of luck to you! glad you found this place....freedomlover

  • ferret

    WELCOME Rachel. things can only get better for you.

  • Legolas

    Wow...Thanks for sharing!

    Welcome to the board!

  • TheListener

    Rachel, I'm glad you found this forum. There are so many kind and loving people here. You're going through a terrible time and the support we can offer each other here will be so helpful.

    I look forward to reading more of your novels. Good luck with your kids. I think the 12 year old will come around soon enough.

  • James Free
    James Free
    I think there is more love and support outside the org than in.

    You certainly will find that to be true. One of the most disgusting things about JC's are the way some elders relish kicking you out rather than feel the loss. They sure are not about to 'look for the lost sheep'.

    Remember the scripture 'by this you will know my disciples, if they have love amongst themselves'? It is one of many proof scriptures that the ORG really is false!

  • LDH
    Retrospectively, I don't think I ever truly HAD the "truth"

    Don't sweat it, neither do they. You were just smart enough to realize it first.


    We can't wait to hear about how well your kids are doing in their worldly pusuits, LOL. Sign the 12 year old up for an activity he would love (karate, or as some would say Kay-rah-tay) that conflicts directly with meeting nights.


  • Jourles

    Welcome to the board!

    btw, what part of IA are you from?

  • Poodles

    It's ok merfi

    It's not rambling, it's sharing with people who care!!

  • unique1


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