I Finally Spilt it to My Mother--PART 2

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  • jwfacts

    That was very hard to read, so like my own mother, every JW can only speak Watchtower, they forget any other way to reason.

    You can never get through to a person about doctrine, org etc when they trust 100% in the WTS. The point I have tried to drive home is that it is totally unreasonable and unloving to promote that Jehovah will soon murder 6 billion people (of which at least 3 billion have never heard the word Jehovah) because they did not follow the Watchtower Society. It really messes with their head, because on one hand they know that is the doctrine, on the other they dont want to believe that and know it is not reasonable. My parents have convinced themselves now that I will be saved at Armageddon despite being an apostate.

  • deeskis

    omg, it's so heartbreaking.

    i wonder was there a talk on David recently cause my parents came down on the weekend and my mum saw COC on my bookshelf and I jumped at the chance. she read the front and back and skimmed through it, my dad was very quiet through this. Then i asked my dad about the change in national service position, malawi etc. (he went to prison for six months when he was 21 over conscription)

    they just said, we know it has faults but so had king david, and what else is closer to the truth

    I didn't have the guts to push it further, they came 2 hours drive to visit me and I didn't want to spoil the visit any more.

    yeah, i think of my kids, and don't want them to go through what I went through when questioning.

    i think it comes down to................"i respect your opinion, please respect mine"

    thinking of you (((Confession))), hope it works out for you


  • Confession

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am in the process of crafting my reply to her--although I'm stopping, deleting, and starting over again quite a lot. I'll let you know what I come up with.



  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    " . . . It will take 1000 years for Jehovah's people to get to perfection . . ."
    Only 1000 years? Hmmm . . . Given their history (and the history of the world), don't you think 1000 years is overly optimistic, if not arrogant?

    "Jehovah's Organization is stronger than ever." The most recent statistics and studies I have come across definitely do not support this view.

  • KW13

    I can only say HOW you should respond but not the words.

    Be Calm and relaxed, explain what you know and how, how its affected you and make sure that you explain that IF it was Jehovah's Organization with his divine blessing mistakes from the society just wouldn't happen. The governing body sit, pray and listen to God and get it wrong? nah thats not right.

    As for her knowing of things that some things with the faith are wrong, you must stress what this means and explain that its not the only thing stopping you being a witness because i noted my mum used that against me.

  • Confession
    "Jehovah's Organization is stronger than ever." The most recent statistics and studies I have come across definitely do not support this view.

    Yes, I'd love to get input on this. Any other threads (or other sources) that bear this out?

  • Swan
    Even if it is all true, all the things you said about the Society, they are still the only ones teaching the Bible truth.

    That's so screwed up! That's like going to a doctor whose license has been revoked because he has a great bedside manner. If all of the things you said are true, they are NOT teaching the Bible truth!


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