I Finally Spilt it to My Mother--PART 2

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  • Confession

    A number of you read how, last week, I finally told my mother everything about no longer attending meetings. For those who want to read of it, go here... http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/18/109852/1.ashx

    Follow-up: Both my daughter and I received letters from her. I would very much appreciate your thoughtful comments as to how to respond to her. Here is what she wrote...


    Dearest XXX,

    You can imagine how Dad & I are feeling. We are stunned, I more than Dad because he didn't hear your voice and the things you said. He says you will realize and feel differently after a time. But I know from the things you said that that seems unlikely. I am writing this in hopes of helping you see things from my point of view. Please read it all.

    The idea that you felt was wrong, that one organization has no right to claim that they are the only ones to have the Truth. What other one teaches the Bible truths about Jehovah's name, the Trinity, [I know some don't believe in the Trinity but do they preach the truth about it to all the world?], Hell fire, the soul, the 2 resurrections, the paradise earth, just to name the main ones. Eph. 4:4-6 tells us there is only one faith. Didn't Jehovah have only one organization in King David's day? He also told them not to associate with any of the non-Israelites because that would cause them to fall away from the true faith. So when he finally would not forgive them as a nation anymore because of the repeatedly forsaking his laws, a new organization of Christ's followers came into being. Jehovah & Christ made a covenant with them to be his people but to carry the Good News to everyone, everywhere. One Organization. Two groups but one fold and everyone is invited, almost begged, to join the 'great crowd' and learn the Truth about all the false teachings of Babylon the Great. For free. This Organization is supported by Jehovah's spirit, that's why Satan hasn't been able to destroy it, and is governed by Love.

    The ones who are trying so hard to disgrace it and spend so much time trying to convey to others how terrible the WT Society is, aren't governed by love, but by hate and that hate and discontent will eat them up. You agree that Christians are to spread the Good News and tell people the truth about the false teachings but how are these people doing that? If not house-to-house, how? Are they mailing or E-Mailing the Truth to all they can? Or is all their time spent in trying to reach all they can with the slander of the Society. Do they pray fervently for Jehovah's guidance in how he wants them to serve him? Do they have an organization that has over 5,000 peole a week joining them [the new Year Book] and thousands spending full-time trying to reach the sheep-like ones before the time is up? You can't think that all those people are so blinded that not one of them could see if the organization wasn't what it claims to be. So when the apostate's manage to get ones to listen and believe their information, where do they go from there? That only prevents them from getting everlasting life in paradise. Is that love?

    The point about having to go to the elders to confess one's sin.

    When King David sinned so gravely, even having Bathsheba's husband killed, he didn't at first go to Jehovah & confess but married Bathsheba & had a son. Jehovah gave him enough time to repent on his own but he didn't. So He sent the prophet Nathan to him and through the parable of the little pet lamb, told David he was the one, symbolically, that had stolen & killed the pet and would be punished by Jehovah for his crime. He had despised the word of Jehovah and although he would be forgiven and not killed, he would be punished, and he was. 2 Sam. 12:7-13.

    I know that all Witnesses are sinners and sin every day but I also know that Jehovah forgives them if they sincerely repent.

    What you said about Bro. Rutherford and having proof of his infidelity and, of course, I have no proof to refute it, if it is true. Do you think that what he did was worse than David's sin? But how do you know that he didn't go to Jehovah in prayer, confess and was forgiven? Or that he didn't go to the elders and was forgiven? Even if it is all true, all the things you said about the Society, they are still the only ones teaching the Bible truth. I'm sure that if things were not theocratically done at that time, they are now. If some things aren't, Jehovah will correct them. It will take 1000 years for Jehovah's people to get to perfection, even with Satan gone, so we are bound to make some mistakes at this time.

    I am so greatful [sic] that Jehovah has allowed me to be a part of his organization of love and that we could share it with our children. I will pray always for you, my beloved son, that you will come back to the only organization that has Jehovah's support today with the hope of life in the Paradise. You still believe in the paradise don't you? Where else can we go except sleep in the grave forever? Please, please don't go along with the apostate's thinking and working against Jehovah, you can't win, my son. Think of all those that have tried in the past and where are they now? Jehovah's Organization is stronger than ever. Think of your sweet daughter and the example you are setting for her. She deserves to get life and I know she was happy when she was going in field service and the meetings. Are you both happier now that you don't go? Really happy?

    I don't want to tell the rest of the family how you feel, hoping that you will pray for Jehovah's guidance and realize he loves you and wants you to get life and will forgive you if you will stop believing all that the apostates are telling you. I don't have to tell you how I love you and the tears I am shedding over you. You say you love me and I believe you do so please believe me when I say we aren't deceived by a bad organization but serve with it with open eyes to any misdoings, knowing Jehovah will correct them. As Peter said at John 6:66-69, 'who would we go away to?'

    Loving & praying for you,


  • damselfly

    Much nicer letters than I received,

    please believe me when I say we aren't deceived by a bad organization but serve with it with open eyes to any misdoings, knowing Jehovah will correct them. ; As Peter said at John 6:66-69, 'who would we go away to?'

    I don't really know what to say to it. She sees the faults yet chooses to ignore them. I hope someone can help.


  • lola28

    Hi Confession, sir as you know I'm only 12 so I really don't know what to tell you, sooooooooooo I'm just going to give you a cyber hug and go back to spinning (((Confession))).


  • candidlynuts

    she says

    Jehovah's Organization is stronger than ever.

    maybe use that point to talk to her further... is it really stronger than ever?

    the bethel lay offs, the awake only once a month now etc... (i'm sure there are several points you can bring out)

    sorry your going thru all this, i hope your able to retain a relationship of some kind with your parents.

  • freedomlover


    that is a sad letter. her love is obvious but I think, my friend, she isn't going to listen to logic and reason. I think you should thank her for her thoughts and assure her of your love and your happiness now a days, and leave the invitation open to her that if she ever wants to see the real reasons you have for leaving then you'll talk about it then. I know this is the type of letter I'd get from my grandma. It would break my heart to know I'd crushed her so badly at this point in her life. Let her live the rest of her years in hope that you may return one day. IMO that is the "kindest" thing to do to someone like her.

    after all - we know you won't go back - but she can live in the hope of "ANYTHINGS'S possible" - right?

    so sorry to have to read this. How many parents actually see eye-to-eye with their children's way of life anyway? regardless of being JW's or not, parents have a hard time seeing their children take different routes than them. At least she isn't cutting you off, and she is keeping your thoughts in confidence. That is more respectful than most JW's would do. Perhaps be happy for the little things.......

    much love - freedomlover

  • Confession

    Thank you for your comments, folks, and for your hugs, Lola and Freedomlover. I'm still mulling over how to handle this. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • 4JWY


    She offers the same song and dance that they all do , who have the blindfold on. How she wants you to see HER way, but readily dismisses YOUR way.

    She worries for the example you are setting for your daughter. - Loving your daughter so much, you have made the wisest decision ever - to step out of the box. You have opened the possibility for a world of exploration to your daughter, and together you will traverse it in wonder, something you cannot do when trapped inside.

    One of the biggest reasons for my having walked away three years ago now, was, that I never wanted to find myself writing such a letter to my sons.

    I will think positively on your behalf that your mom will one day realize we all have the right to go our own way.

    Be strong,


  • Honesty
    Eph. 4:4-6 tells us there is only one faith.

    She's right on this one.

    One faith:






    Too bad the Watchtower does not teach faith in Jesus.


    Here is a link to a very in depth questioning of 607 vs 587/586. Why not throw out one thing at a time and see how they respond? Ask them if they can prove to you FROM THE BIBLE ONLY the date for 607. (It can't be done....as the WTS has to manufacture 20 yrs in history + they use "historical evidence" as a reference point to 539!) If they can see the fallacy of 607, then 1914 is out the window...usually with a lot of other beliefs. I would indicate that you are just looking for the "truth".




    In case you missed this thread recently, I found it very helpful...



    P.S. I printed this out for future reference and sent it to one of my brothers....

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