The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • EAGLE-1

    I finished Dungeon Siege 2.Was too easy.Been playing Galactic Civ 2 lately.I want to get Battle for Middle Earth 2.I believe my kids are getting it for me.

    I used to like playing Raven Shield online but got burned out on it.

  • Swan

    I got Morrowind a few weeks ago. It got good reviews, but I don't like it. I keep getting killed. I don't understand the game because it the instruction book is so lame. To walk from one town to another is painstakingly slow. That is very, very boring. The user interface seems needlessly complicated. I'll pass on Oblivion and just wait until Neverwinter Nights 2 this summer, I think.


  • gaybeat

    Lol you got killed by a rat?

    Morrowind was really bad when it came to new players, because they just exposed you to everything at one time and dieing was incredibly easy. What you should do is just fight the small animals, until you gain levels. Then after a few levels try the guild missions. Steal some armor if you can, and after a while you should be able to handle real things. Choose an axe if you can so you don't have to do that annoying left and right movement with the other weapons.

  • Collegegurl

    cool, I've been waiting for this game too, I really liked Morrowind. let us know how it is!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Awwww Man I hated Morrowind.

    I got it free with my Graphics card and let the girly friend have it cos it looked a bit girly and because I wanted to get her into playing computer games so that she wouldn't nag me for playing them (I like shoot'em ups)

    She got really into it and many a night I went hungry or had to make my own bloody dinner because she was to busy bloody playing it

    I must of lost kilos thanks to that game !

  • daystar


    To walk from one town to another is painstakingly slow. That is very, very boring.

    You're right. But that's why you have those giant flea-like creatures you can hitch a ride with from town to town. I think that the speed of the character's walking should have been much faster from the beginning. It's tolerable once you get your speed characteristic up high enough.

    People either loved or hated this game. I've been playing the series since Elder Scrolls: Arena, so I'm rather used to the style of gameplay.

    I really, really think this game would have been much better suited to multiplayer, but I think if it were, it would have been very, very slow.

    In reference to what someone else posted, I have played Neverwinter Nights since it was on AOL back in the early 90s. I played the heck out of the newer one that was released. I can't wait for 2 to come out either. And I just started playing Dungeon Siege 2 a few weeks back; never played the first one. I actually quite like it so far. I've only played the single-player game and I just started Act III. But I really like the way they combined concepts from various other games, like Diablo and NWN, into this. It makes for near-perfect gameplay for this type of game, IMO.

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