Many thanks to Simon!

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  • Surreptitious

    Simon is damn sexy.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Yes, thank you Simon for giving me family and a reason to laugh again.

    You are a kind person.


  • prophecor

    Mega Dittos!!!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Most assuredly Simon and Angharad deserve more thanks than most of us could ever give.

    This site is a huge expence both in time and finances.

    A little thing that some people could do to help support the board is buy the JWD eCookbook "Food at the Proper Time" And while you are at that link you can pick up a smaller cookbook Food in Due Season - a FREE cookbook.

  • greendawn

    This forum has indeed helped a great deal in the battle against the WTS and also helped personally many ex JWs. Many thanks to Simon.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Thanks, Simon. When we leave the borg, we are desperate. This has helped a lot.

  • Dismembered

    Where is the old man?

    Thanx Simon


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I guess he's been fixing the site

    Happy nearly birthday JWD and thanks for all your hard work simon

  • candidlynuts

    ditto the thanks.

    but elsewhere did you jinx the place? i wasnt able to get in for 2 hours today!!!!

  • observador

    I absolutely agree!!!

    This has been a great meeting place for many of us. Some of us have moved on, but, like me, believe that much can be done to help those still trapped in.

    This site is a wonderful help on that.


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