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  • unclebruce
    unc b, i just knew that you must've come on here to further antagonise our new poster friend ;)...you do crack me up though unc, your witt is almost too much at times for my lil froggy bladder hehe

    Quite the opposite Frog,

    The wally attacked me here, so this is where I fired back - simple eh? ..me an Elder? yeah right lol

    g'nite all, have fun zzzzzzzzzz

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay. Your story sounds very similar to mine, the best thing I ever did was not getting baptized, my family treats me decently as yours does. I really feel for those that are subject to shunning, that has to be terrible.

    I think you'll find the ex-dub community to be larger than you ever suspected, I know I was shocked, and hopefully it will grow everyday.

  • mentalist

    Seems some really nice people here..thankyou for the welcome. (apart from unclebruce)

  • luna2

    Sorry you and unclebruce got off on the wrong foot. He's great fun, really.

    'Night Unc.

  • TheListener


    I reviewed your thread "Do ex-witness forums do more harm than good?" which I replied to a day or two ago.

    I apologize for my comment regarding your spelling.

    When I first read and replied to your topic I felt that you were yet another troll trying to burrow beneath the skin and inflame our wounds. I've read your posts and my judgment may have been made in haste.

    Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing your viewpoints and getting to know your perspective on the issues discussed here.

  • mentalist

    Thankyou listener

  • Honesty
    Your no different than the the type of Elder who completely missed the point of how hard it was being a young JW but still took great pleasure in telling you how sports socks were not appropriate attire for the meetings.Sheesh.

    But sports socks are appropriate for meetings. All the high school and college aged kids wear them to worship at my church. I even wear them with tennis shoes to worship on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

    By the way, Welcome to da bored. You'll fit right in here.

    P.S. Don't pay any attention to the critics. They forgot to take their Midol.

  • whyizit

    I cain't beleeve anywon wood bich abowt spellin, in vue uv the reel problems that r addressed on this forum!

    Welcome to JWD!

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, Mentalist.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi mentalist, and welcome to the board

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