Do Mormons have a more intellectually substantial belief system than JWs?

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  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation
    Bringham Young University

    Isn't that the JW university for pedos and kiddy fiddlers?

    Mormon beliefs are pretty weird. I'm not sure what 'serious scholars' are arguing for it's doctrines to be taken more seriously. Perchance they're all graduates of LDS universities.

    I'm not sure about the inherent evil of Tim Hortons. When I visited Canada I lived on Subways and Tim Hortons coffee and donuts. Starbucks is different matter though, they're the bastard spawn of beelzebub himself

  • juni

    I thought they didn't go for coffee. See what I mean. Another control group. We had a Mormon church near us and it looked like JW coming out.

    In field service I called on 2 Mormon elders. They were rude. Well I guess what did I expect. They do celebrate Holidays. Most don't practice the polygamy. 3 different levels to heaven?? What a bunch of poppycock!! Though, too, I've never been there (to heaven).


  • RubaDub

    No, their belief system is not superior to JW's.

    How can you trust any religion that prohibits a good bottle of wine.

    Rub a Dub

  • james_woods

    Their bible translation committee has truly put the NWT writers to it directly from the angel Moroni on tablets just like Moses did, and knocked out the whole thing in a few weeks insted of 14 years!

    I also say a court TV episode showing that they actually spawned the king of all american document forgers until he got too greedy and started trying to be an imitation Unibomber...

    However: let's consider this while reconsidering the multiple marriage angle -

    I have heard that "holy underwear" does not exactly come from Fredericks of Hollywood...and it is probably just for Mormon missionary boys and not da ladies?

    Sure sounds like a reasonable and dignified belief system to me...

  • Abaddon

    Confucius say;

    "Every man loves the smell of his own shit."

    I think we're debating whether the droppings of raccoons are smellier than those of badgers...

    Different story, same shit.

    Historically they are both la-la, of as dodgy a provenance as "Ch√Ęteau de Vin Lac" made from a blend of European wines... ack...

    ... the fact the Morons are less Mormonic, er, moronic than Dubbies doesn't mean they aren't morons. It's a spectrum of Moronitude.

    Mormons also are better at PR, and due to their support of HE, actually have quite educated people in charge somewhere, in far more significant numbers than the Borg.

    I'd say that Mormon's beliefs tend to be less harmful than JW's, but at the end of the day it's far more about believing some 19th Century charlatan with a beard than god, whatifever that might be.

    But intellectually substantial? They just have smarter apologists, that doesn't make their beliefs more intellectually substantial.

  • juni

    As in - who is more stupid? an idiot or an imbicile?


  • Abaddon

    That's easy; an idiot has an IQ below 20, an imbecile has an IQ around 70. At least, those were the definitons...

  • mdb
    Mormons I don't feel are as over the top as JW, but they still dictate your life. ; They place great emphasis on family which is good, but they still like to butt in on personal lives which is not.

    I wouldn't be so sure.

    Go to to read on some of their doctrines, etc.

    Have you ever read their temple ceremony? It is REALLY messed up. They say that it was given to them by God and that it cannot be altered (claim equality to the ceremonies given to Israel for the temple). In the 1990's, the ceremony was drastically altered and approx. 50% of it was changed.

    If you ever have a Mormon come to your door, ask them about the undergarment that they have to wear throughout their life. It has a compass, square, and rule (Masonic) stitched into them. The compass over the left breast, square over the right breast, and the rule over the right knee. They won't talk about it though because it is sacred and they are forbidden to talk about anything that goes on in their temples.

  • juni


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    That's easy; an idiot has an IQ below 20, an imbecile has an IQ around 70. At least, those were the definitons...

    So, let's see, are you saying all the EX-JWs were former idiots or imbeciles ?

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