Do Mormons have a more intellectually substantial belief system than JWs?

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  • blondie

    I don't understand why some people surmise that you have to be unintelligent or unintellectual to be part of a cult............................Steve Hassan was on his way to becoming a well-educated man at Queens College when he became a Moonie...

    I know of many people who became JWs that were college-educated.

    Look at the people associated with Scientology and the Moonies.

    I have found that LDS/Mormons have many cult characteristics in common with the WTS as well as the Moonies and that one's level of education does not guarantee that you won't be caught up in it. I wonder if there is a correlation between Mormons that go to non-LDS universities and those who don't and their likelihood to remain with their religion.


  • stevenyc

    ABSOLUTLY Blondie !

    Becoming involved in a cult has nothing to do with intellectual agility. Many factors are involved, including, state of mind, and environment.


  • wozadummy

    Here's what I remember from being a baptised mormon ,

    Missionaries were once only American men ,well educated

    They encourage education

    Tithe 10% ,when I was a kid mother was a mormon dad not, he had a strike at work for ages and we were literally eating donated dog bones from the butcher, no help from the church, but I remember standing next to Mother and two elders with an envelope asking for the 10% from her house keeping accrued since the strike started.

    They molest kids just the same

    All but one missionary who used to visit us retuned to the USA and became bi-sexual or homosexual

    Negro people could not marry in the Temple ,or marry whites(looked down upon), had "the mark" so indeed were inferior to others

    Baptise at age 8!

    Males could do talks and sacraments at age 12

    Only missionaries for 2 years then go back and get scholarships etc

    60 minutes did a program on homosexual mormon men and the methods of ridding them by torture of their tendencies- attaching electric charging to their genitals whilst watching porno movies

    Book of mormon-started history of writing about 600bc yet direct quotes from the King James bible are in it in the olde english which was only written 400 years ago !

    I don't know whether they are REALLY that exceptional morally or INTELLECTUALLY

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