Zombie Training: Eye Contact in Preaching ( Ap KM)

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  • metatron

    The latest Kingdom Ministry ( April) has a front page article called "Show Personal Interest - By Good Eye Contact"

    Here's some gems:

    under "Sincerity and Conviction"

    "In many cultures, looking a person in the eye is viewed as evidence that one is sincere"


    "One brother watches the eyes of those approaching him. When he makes eye contact, he smiles and then presents the magazines."

    The above is why I remember to put the words "preaching work" in quotes. Are these people depending on the guidance of angels?

    Are they given inspiration by Holy Spirit? Or are they trained in pretense and salesmanship by a greedy business cult?

    What would be important to Jesus, foisting magazines on people while schooled in an appearance of conviction - or something

    borne simply out of a Christian heart? Is God really callling people to Jehovah's Witnesses - or is this just "Amway" training to score

    more converts and contributions?

    This I pray, that the very Witnesses schooled in this ministry of pretense, also choose to extend their pretense to

    contributing to the Watchtower Society. By doing this, the whole world can see just how Divinely Guided their "preaching

    work" is. Pretend to preach? Pretend to contribute!


  • sir82

    This is a point that I find increasingly disturbing.

    Month after month, the KM has articles like "Show personal interest", "listen to the householder", "ask viewpoint questions", "do nice things for your neighbor", "be honest", etc. etc.

    One, why on earth do "the only true Christians" need constant repitition about doing things are just plain nice -- regardless of one's religion? If one is "true Christian", shouldn't he have mastered this stuff already? This is ethics 101, and/or stuff your mom should have taught you.

    Two, as Met points out, they don't just leave it at "be a nice person". They always throw in a line or 2 about how our "good conduct" draws people's attention to "the Kingdom message". So, the KM's message is, we should show kindness, not because it is morally right or is in imitation of God or makes the world a better place, but because it might increase our placements.

    And people who fall for this stuff wonder why the personal interest, love, kindness, honesty, etc. shrivels away once they join the org.? Now you know - because such actions are primarily encouraged toward those whom the JWs recruit.

  • wombat

    Metatron...Good to see you back..

    Having been a salesman for all of my life (although I lied to my kids and told them that I played a piano in a brothel) I don't have any problem with the WTS teaching this. This is good advice.

    I made all of my kids read "How to Win Friends...etc" by Dale Carneigie. We all need to learn how to communicate. As much as I disagree with the WTS teachings, it is their right to teach their adherents how to better communicate.

    Off the thread....if more folk read this Carnegie classic the world would be a better place.

  • RubaDub

    The latest Kingdom Ministry ( April) has a front page article called "Show Personal Interest - By Good Eye Contact"

    If a sister maintains good eye contact in conjunction with licking her lips, she will certainly keep the householder's attention.

    Rub a Dub

  • anewme

    It is especially crazy making if you are away from the meetings for awhile and then go back to sit in and listen to this recruiter training stuff again.......ahhhhhh!

    I always believed the Theocratic Ministry School should be for those who want to be JW preachers.
    I never wanted to be a preacher, just a Christian.
    When I found myself pioneering all alone one summer when the rest of our congo was building the new hall I think I went a little insane. I mean, what the heck was I doing out here, I thought. This is NOT what I signed up for! I was 19, beautiful, shy, alone, and getting harrassed by householders at the door!
    I quit and would never speak about my pioneering experience again!

  • rekless

    It all goes back to the brain washing of; "What relationship does light have with darkness, righteous with unrighteous." They (the JWs) are the most condesending people on the face of the Earth. There isn't anything done out of love, it is always done with the view," how can I use this in a demo from the platform. "

    They don't help out of kindness but, It's a good opportunity to place a magazine.

  • metatron

    I read Dale Carnegie, too. The KM's advice is excellent, if sales are the goal! But that's the problem!

    Witnesses ( as Zombies) aren't able to see that , by and large, they are just sales people for the Watchtower Inc.

    "all the works they do, they do to be viewed by men" - no wonder the "Service Meeting" attendance is slipping- are some of

    the zombies waking up?


  • truthseeker

    This article disturbed me too, it is no brazen, as if the only reasons that JW's make eye contact is to make bible studies.

    Sick in my opinion.

  • wombat

    Sorry Metatron...As much as I disagree with the WTS I can't agree with you on this point. The WTS is teaching it's adherents how to communicate. - not necessarily sales.

    If I were training a sales team to go out and lecture against the JW message I'd be teaching them the same thing.

    Nothing wrong with folk from either side of the fence training to be better communicators.

    I hope that this doesn't mean that we aren't friends.

  • truthseeker


    I must disagree with you - yes, the WT is training you to be a better commuicator, but they are not doing this simply for us to make friends.

    The ultimate goal of this "better communicating" is simply to make recruits.

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