Zombie Training: Eye Contact in Preaching ( Ap KM)

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  • metatron

    "and then presents the magazines"............ is the sales goal is doubt?


  • wombat

    truthseeker...No argument with what you say.

    My point is communicating is communicating is communicating.

    In fact we can all learn from that WT advice on how to better communicate.

    Sure, we don't like what they are trying to achieve. But it is their right to give normal advice.

    Personally, I always try to keep eye contact unless I feel that it is making the other party uncomfortable.

  • twain30

    Dear Metatron: Though not having posted for awhile I find many of your comments interesting. Regarding the trained zombie like stare, I've seen that look in the eyes of so many Bethelites, Gilead Grads, and MTS Grads that I've known, programed, robotical. What's fascinating to me is that I've seen this exact same look in the eyes of young Islamists in Ontario, Mormon missionaries that I've been acquainted with, students at Christian Colleges, and students at Catholic Seminaries. I guess its all about building a wave of emotion in people and surfing it. In fact, walking through their buildings it felt as if I was back in the 124 building! Why is that?


    Please DO NOT use this method if you ever come in contact with a bear. Do NOT look it in the eyes, they see this as a challenge! Zombies take note that this training could very easily cost you your life in the great outdoors! (Some dogs see it as aggression also!)

    Swalker (knows all about dogs!)

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