Did Satan lie?

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  • Leolaia

    BTW, in the original text, the serpent in Genesis 2-3 is not construed as Satan at all, but as an animal as Genesis 3:15 makes clear; it is not Satan as a "puppet-master" (as the Society views it) who is cursed but the animal itself. The Society, following Christian tradition, takes this verse as a Messianic "prophecy" (enabling a reference to "Satan") but this badly misconstrues what the text actually says.

  • robhic

    Whenever I read these "satan threads" he always comes out looking pretty good. Makes you wonder about all the negative reputed to be his domain or influence.

    Satan is getting a bad rap because people just won't take responsibility. Hmmm...

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    5. obviously, you won't literally, physically die - only your conscience, which is why even though you know good and evil, you won't be able to discern between the two without the aid of a 'faithful and discreet slave'

  • FairMind
    Satan lied - he is a liar and lies all the time.


  • moomanchu

    I think anytime someone misleads or decieves a person

    by not telling the truth ,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth

    even though they might not have lied in the process of doing this:

    They are then a liar

    ultimately I believe satan lied

    It's crazy the similarities between the way satan

    communicates to people and the way the WTBS does.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    LOL, you xians crack me up.

    anyways, so what if this mytholigical creature satan lied once? it's nothing compared to all the lies of joe hoba and JESUS CHRIST.

    heh, funny.


  • startingover

    For those that can find a way to think outside the box:

    What if the story originally was told by people who worshipped serpents, and the serpent was the good guy all along and YHWH was the bad guy?

    The story has been so engrained in most of us for such a long time that Satan was the serpent and is a liar that thinking about it any other way is just not acceptable. But the bottom line is that Satan was not in the story at all, that was all added later.

  • Jez

    When Satan deflected from heaven, and remember, he could do this because he was given the choice to do this...therefore, let me rephrase that, when Satan used his god-given free will, he presented Adam and Eve with the same choice.

    He didn't take away their innocence, THEY chose to KNOW.

    Stop blaming Satan, I would rather have choices presented before me than to blindly follow the only way ever presented to me as 'truth'. God wanted ME to decide for MYSELF, that is why he put free will in us, if not, we simply could not have done it.

    It was all inevitable.


  • mkr32208

    Stick fingers in ears, close eyes and scream over and over at top of lungs


  • Jez
    Stick fingers in ears, close eyes and scream over and over at top of lungs

    Ok, but how long can you keep that up? Sooner or later, you'll have to stop and breathe slowly again so that your brain can get the oxygen it needs to be able to function. Come on, you can do it, let your brain fully function....


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