Is the hurricane in Australia affecting anyone posting here ?

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  • luna2

    Glad you are alright, wombat. Its awful the damage these storms cause...and this was a huge one. Hope whatever is forming out in the ocean doesn't take the same track.

  • Frog

    troubled minds worried about the boys downunder, but whatabout us gals??!

    I grew up in North Qld, and most of my family still live up that way, & I'd say it's unusual to have a cyclone so late in the season, they're mostly from Dec-early Feb.


    Police say more than half of the homes in Innisfail were destroyed when cyclone Larry struck far north Queensland this morning.

    Many are homeless and thousands have been left without power or water.

    Frank Pagano from the Counter-Disaster and Rescue Service, says back-up crews are still trying to reach Innisfail with fallen trees blocking the road in both directions.

    But he says local emergency workers say the town has been devastated.

    "If we work on the numbers that at least half of the residents within Innisfail affected and Babinda and there are coastal communities extending from Cardwell north, I'm sure it's going to be tens of millions of dollars," he said.

    The defence force has set up large tents at the Innisfail airport to house the large number of people left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Larry.

    The Johnstone Shire Mayor Neil Clarke says it is impossible to tell just how many people are in need of shelter, but he is guessing the number will be in the thousands.

    He says the airport has now been cleared of debris.

    "We will certainly have to do that because lots of people have no homes that aren't livable," he said.

    Cairns police Acting Inspector Mike Keating says it is a "horrendous sight'' with houses reduced to rubble.

    He says residents on the Atherton Tablelands are also suffering.

    "They are without power and that means they don't have water or sewerage," he said.

    Emergency services say they are amazed at the small number of casualties, with only minor injuries reported.

    Power and phones out

    More than 120,000 homes are without electricity in the far north.

    Ergon Energy's Gaylene Whenmouth says it could take several days to restore supplies.

    Kilometres of powerlines are down, major highways are blocked, and several buildings have been damaged.

    Additionally, Telstra says 1,200 customers in the far-north are without phone services.

    Spokeswoman Julianne Taylor says extra repair crews will be sent from Brisbane to help cope with the workload.

    "We've got a transportable mobile base station that's en route to the areas where there's need at the moment to help with communications," she said.

    "We've also got a team of technicians on stand-by in Brisbane to travel up to those effected areas once we get the all clear from the emergency services."

    A flood warning from Innisfail to Townsville remains in force.


    The Federal Government says it has activated arrangements to coordinate national assistance for the victims of cyclone Larry.

    Defence Minister Brendan Nelson says Emergency Management Australia will be organising an aerial survey of the damage caused and transportation will be provided for a medical team from Townsville Hospital to Innisfail.

    "Already on stand-by is a navy sea hawk helicopter," he said.

    "We've also got three black hawk helicopters standing by in the area to allow for these and other tasks to be done once the weather is sufficiently safe for us to get them up in the air."

  • unclebruce

    ppsssst ballboy - hatches are very important :

    unclebruce - skylight & roof hatch manufacturer

  • ballistic

    I will never under estimate the importance of hatches again.

    - professional piss artist extraordinaire

  • wombat

    Unclebruce...On the news tonight they had a pic of that very same hatch. They said that his was the first thing to blow off a house. Once it blew off the whole house exploded. Authorities are trying to trace the manufacturer. They want to put him in a jail cell with a bunch of really big blokes who will call him "Momma".

  • wombat

    Only joking Unc.....and thanks Luna.

    Yeah Frog..I've sat through a few big cyclones in my time but many years ago. We haven't had decent cyclones for years. This is the biggest in 30 years. My mate John has a 24,000 acre cattle property at Richmond. He needs these cyclones to get inland rain. It's an ill wind.....etc.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hang in there, wombat, mate,

    [He says... comfortably ensconced in Perth and playing with his puss...y]

    But seriously, mate, hope things are OK withya


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    Australia just lost 90% of it's banana crop

    Awwwwww geez, what will you banana benders be bending now then?


  • wombat

    Thanks Moggy....but I was far away from this cyclone...It is incredible that so far no life has been lost. But then those folk in NQ are no fools when it comes to cyclones and know what to do. I heard earlier that a trawler was missing of Cairns.

    By the way....If you get a "shadow map" from a pilot, you will discover that, mid-summer, the sun rises south of Perth before it rises in Cairns. That's because our planet is tilted.

    Find the proof and you will win heaps of beers in pub bets. It's true.

  • unclebruce

    Yeah ballistic - I had to branch out when gumby cancelled next months order of nutsack polish.

    Hey wombat - I'm not surprised it blew off, my manufacturers instructions specificly state that it must be screwed down with at leat 8 type 16 hex-head screws! and in fine print: not to be used outside the bega valley shire or else stupid!

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