What makes you happy?

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thinking about Sky diving Leprechaun's has made me happy all this week ! (Local bar has advertized this on the radio all week ) And every time I say it makes me smile ! Going camping in the mountains makes me reallllly happy,,,,going hiking early morning before everyone else is up.Coming back to the smell of coffee and breakfast being made outside mmmmmmm.....can't wait for summer. The birds singing early in the morning in spring....... Thinking about visiting my kids in southern california.... Working in the garden...... Drinking Long Island Ice Teas makes me silly happy.....

  • Purza

    The sunshine we are having now after weeks and weeks of rain.


  • Chimene

    My girls brushing my hair

    Working in the garden


    No longer having anything to do with WTS

  • ballistic
    You don't know what you're missing!!!


    haha, you're funny. Maybe you'd like to join me, a cold beer and my motorbike sometime. The only problem is I don't drink and drive.

  • Dimples

    The norm ...my husband, my children, my pets, my extended family, friends.

    I especially love a butt rub from my husband while watching tv in bed.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    • m altruistic side - helping others
    • my self-caring side - being alone
    • my recovery side - being with nature going for a long ride on my wheelchair along the bike paths and river
    • my social side - visiting with family and friends and being here
    • my cognitive side - learning new things, skills
    • my emotional side - having time to process and understand what goes on inside of me
    • my technical side - building and playing around inside my computer, or taking things apart just to see if I can "fix" them
    • my creative side - crafts, sewing, knitting, crochet, digital graphics, web design
  • unclebruce

    Reading posts like this makes me happy:

    I love burning watchtower and awakes. I love pissing on the side of kingdom halls in cool spring days. I love offering cigarettes to pioneers. I love giving a comment at the sunday meeting and including profanities for "emphasis". I love driving up to the kingdom hall in december insisting that the circuit overssear called me to drop off this christmas tree for the lobby. I love going out in the door to door ministry and on every third door offer the book of mormon instead. I love being a faithful servant of Joboba God. This makes me happy.

    unc whose watchtower dream is to souvenir the peak of a certain new york pyramid and piss on the plaque and sea kayaking:

    which reminds me I better get to work!

    so I can afford som al fresco dining

  • bigmouth

    anewme, rim wasn't being funny:)

  • Frog

    community/political involvement...feeling like you're at the centre of something relevant & big...

    top grades at uni...scholarship $$$!

    my pa when he sprouts anti-org thinking...

    tropical night breezes...

    friends I love who really "get" me...

  • sass_my_frass






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