What makes you happy?

by JH 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Me, I love to make others smile and laugh

    I love to ride in my car

    I love to take a walk on warm summer days

    And I love to eat and drink, like everybody I guess.

    I also love being in crowds when there are summer festivals

    And I love walking in the woods, with no one around

  • candidlynuts

    a backrub till i fall asleep..

  • rimbaudbunuel

    I love burning watchtower and awakes. I love pissing on the side of kingdom halls in cool spring days. I love offering cigarettes to pioneers. I love giving a comment at the sunday meeting and including profanities for "emphasis". I love driving up to the kingdom hall in december insisting that the circuit overssear called me to drop off this christmas tree for the lobby. I love going out in the door to door ministry and on every third door offer the book of mormon instead. I love being a faithful servant of Joboba God. This makes me happy.

  • ballistic

    a nice cold beer, my motorbike, girls ... not all at the same time

  • anewme

    Oh boy! What a cool list JH! And Candidlynuts, oooooh yeah!
    And Rim, you're too funny!

    I'd like to add banjo and fiddle music makes me feel reeeeeeeeeeel happy!!

    And Irish music in general.....(it makes me all weepy and needing a drink like I left Ireland and miss it and wish I could be there again) which is not my story at all.....so go figure.

  • greendawn

    Socialising, surfing the net, learning new things, beautiful music and girls, and travelling.


    Ballistic....a nice cold beer, my motorbike, girls ... not all at the same time ?????

    You don't know what you're missing!!!



    Being with good friends, family and my dog!!! Although, here lately, I have a strong longing to be at one with NATURE...I call it my Jane complex...(Tarzan doesn't seem to be available presently!)


  • OpenFireGlass
  • damselfly

    A warm bath with bubbles and then sleeping with my kitty curled up next to me purring.


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