OMG! They just blew up a 30 story building - and I saw the whole thing!

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  • damselfly

    I've watched a few on tv but never in person.

    I always miss the fun stuff.


  • uninformed

    Too bad it wasn't the 30 Building and not a 30 story building.


  • serendipity

    This triggered a memory. Nearly 20 years ago I saw a building imploded in downtown Houston. It's pretty amazing how 'neat' it is. I can't believe I forgot about that....

  • Navigator

    I watched it go down on local TV this morning. I live in Ft. Worth. The Landmark Tower was also known as the Texas Building. It had a large revolving clock on the roof that you could see from miles away, but it hadn't worked in quite a few years. It had an aluminum skin and wasn't too bad looking. There was a plan to convert it to condos and build a parking garage next door, but they couldn't get the financing worked out. The Bank One Tower, damaged in a tornado several years ago, has been completely rehabilitated. I understand the one bedroom apartments are going for $150,000.

  • Country_Woman

    reading the topic, I first thought of a new terroristic attack - glad it was'nt .

  • ozziepost

    G'day Country Woman,

    first thought of a new terroristic attack

    Me too! i remember on 911 there were similar thread titles.

    Else: you bad!

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