Meek inheriting the earth?

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  • dozy

    This question is really aimed at those who have exited JWs but still retain a belief in the bible. What did Jesus mean here (Mt 5:5)? When I ask "Christians" this question , they usually have no idea. One pastor basically tried to answer it along the lines of the following link , but this seems such a lame interpretation and even he didn't really seem convinced.

    Any takers?

  • Shazard

    Whitch word you don't understand?

  • dozy

    Specifically , in what sense do the "meek" inherit the earth? Has this been fulfilled , is it being fulfilled in a vague sense now , or is it (as JWs contend) pointing forward to a future paradise on earth. And does it include the mineral rights?!

  • Narkissos

    You might be interested in the Watchtower 8/1, 1959, on this issue:


    Jesus said, as recorded at Matthew 5:5, "Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth," of whom was he speaking?—H. S., U.S.A.

    Jesus here applied the expression "mild-tempered" or "meek" to his disciples of that time who were in line for the heavenly kingdom. He was the chief meek one among them and their example. Hebrews 1:1, 2 and 2:5, 6 show that Jesus inherits the earth or takes over the possession of it. His disciples were made his joint heirs in the Kingdom and enter into this inheritance or possession of the earth with him. Hence Matthew 5:5 does not strictly apply to the "other sheep." However, it has been quoted in connection with them and properly so because they must be meek or mild-tempered ones in imitation of Jesus Christ, and it is only because of being such that they will be allowed to live on the earth in the new world. They do not take over possession of the earth any more than Adam did in the garden of Eden, but Matthew 5:5 can nevertheless be given a general application in that they hold the earth in trust for the chief Heir, the Lord Jesus Christ. To this extent they enter into an inheritance. They enjoy the realm of the King. As Jesus said in the parable of the sheep and goats: "Come, you who have my Father’s blessing, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the world’s foundation." (Matt. 25:34) So it is not wrong to use this scripture in a general sense in speaking of the blessings that await the "other sheep" in the new world.

  • jwfacts

    I was about to include the quote that Nark did.

    The WTS teaches that the Meek will inherit the earth is not discussing people living on it. It means that the earth is Jesus's inheritance. Not many JWs realise that, and misuse the scripture as proof that humans will live on the earth.

  • dozy

    Interesting reference. Is this an up-to-date view - a 46 year old Watchtower seems a bit old-hat?

  • Hellrider

    Well, of course, "the Truth" may have changed a bit since 1959...()...

    Anyway: By "meek" I think Jesus here means "good", or "righteous". "Meek" doesn`t mean "accept blindly whatever your religious leaders tells you", I can assure you of that. If it did, wouldn`t all the "meek" catholics, protestants, evangelicals, mormons etc etc, also be entitled to inherit the earth?

    People are forgetting the revolutionary aspect of Jesus:

    Matthew 21:13 And he said to them, “It is written, ‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are turning it into a den of robbers!”

    And so he became mad, turned the tables over, pigeons and money flying all over the place. But he was still meek. A meek revolutionary.

  • Honesty
    Interesting reference. Is this an up-to-date view - a 46 year old Watchtower seems a bit old-hat?

    May you be reminded that the Bible is over 2,000 years old. Is it old-hat too? How about that for some up-to-date views.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    If Jesus were alluding to a future fulfillment of Matt 5:5 [which is doubtful since the context does not warrant such a conclusion] then doubtless He would have in mind the Jews as natural descendants of David, and the "earth" would be the "land" of Judah which is the subject of Jesus' original source material. [Ps 37:11]

    However such a view is not necessarily valid, because I find that the context as a whole denies this. Remember that Vs 5 of Matt 5 is not a text that stands in isolation, but is part of a greater teaching of Jesus, imbedded in a larger section that takes in vss 3-11 All these verses begin with the Greek "markarios" which is best translated as "blessed" [although "happy" is not necessarily wrong. It is just that it conveys a jocularity that is not portrayed by the spiritual depth of the Greek original]

    If vs 5 only has a future validation, then those who are "conscious of their spiritual need" can look for no spiritual sustenance today.

    The two tier idiocy that is part of WTS "Christianity" is exposed when you realize that only one group can possibly be in view. Those to whom the Kingdom belongs [vss 3, 10] will: see God [vs8] Be called His sons [vs 9] Are the ones who will inherit the earth [vs 5] are the ones who will be comforted [vs 4] be shown mercy [vs 7] will enjoy the fruits of righteousness [vs 6]

    Clearly as Nark and the others have shown above, the WTS is aware of this dilemma. Obviously, only one group IS in view. Because of the embarrasing implication of being the "Sons of God" [vs 9] the WTS has to restrict the application of these "Beatitudes" to the "anointed" most of whom being doddering old decrepits these verses are unintelligible. Evidently because of this, these verses which form a basic framework of "Christian Citizenship" and which are much loved by even the most unlearned of true Christians, have never been commented on in context by the WTS. As Nark has shown, it was some 45 years ago that such a comment was attempted.

    Christians today recognize themselves as the "disciples" mentioned in vs 1 [although this does not discount a possible application to natural Jews in some restricted context] They are the ones who must portray themselves as Jesus dictates. To be gentle. Merciful. Pure in heart. Be peacemakers. These are the badges we exhibit to the world, and which stamp us as being the stuff of those who can truly be called the sons of God.

    It therefore becomes unnecessary to look upon certain verses within the greater context as having some sort of superficial prophetic significance. In other words, it really doe'nt matter what "inherit the earth" means if you do not consciously portray yourself as a son of God


  • jwfacts

    This is still the teaching as shown in the Insight Book. The Insight book is the revision of the Aid book so should be considered current Watchtower truth.

    *** it-1 p. 1201 Inheritance ***

    The anointed members of the Christian congregation are spoken of as having a heavenly inheritance, sharing Jesus’ inheritance as his "brothers." (Eph 1:14; Col 1:12; 1Pe 1:4, 5) This includes the earth.—Mt 5:5.

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