What's going on?

by under74 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • under74

    I haven't been able to get on much....SO, what's going on? What's going on with you, the forum, the WTS whatever you want to inform me about?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hi, good to see you. Me, lots of stress right now. It's in my topics started history. How are you and what's up with you?

  • IP_SEC

    I thought you hadnt been around much. Nothing new to report here!

  • collegegirl21

    Well I have been hanging out with you - well not with you, but with people in a different discussion board. But its awesome. Not much is new. Just superbusy with school and working.

  • wombat

    Ian is in hospital and a get-well card project is under way. I'll bttt now.

  • luna2

    Hi, under74. Glad to see ya!

  • mrsjones5

    Hm what's going on with me, today...ok I have a job I don't like and can't wait to quit,

    my oldest son is on a weekend camping trip with his troop - the sound level in the house has decreased,

    hubby is doing overtime at work,

    my daughter is waiting to go out with a friend (she's driving me crazy cuz she's worrying about them coming to get her...maybe they'll forget she thinks),

    the baby has a runny nose (could be pollen or milk allergy - we don't know yet) and I am constantly wiping it,

    Girlscout cookie money is due today and I have to figure out how many people haven't gotten their cookies and how much I need to turn in to the cookie mom,

    I have pants samples to measure and spec out ,

    I need to compile a list of friends for a Pamper Chef party,

    I gotta wash my hair,

    my baby boy won't get off my lap making typing almost impossible,

    and I have yet to figure out what we're having for dinner...maybe KFC or Popeye's - I love Popeye's but the thing is the only locations here in Indiana are in the hood for some reason...aways from me

    Oh there's more but I'm tired now.


  • Poodles

    Good morning josie

    Been there, done that so i understand what you're going thru!! Take care and have a great day, anyway!!

  • just2sheep

    the end is still near....

  • greendawn

    Hi Under 74, nothing unusual has been going on, like on all forums you get here the occasional flaming war and trolling. There have been many Newbies lately often saying that they are struggling to get out of the cult.

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