My Birthday is coming up......

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  • IronClaw

    Oh hell I dont care when it is. As long as I can have a good time, Im in.

    Happy Birthday.

    the Claw.

  • MerryMagdalene

    What I'm wondering is...should I get you a boy present or a girl present? What flavour cake and frosting? What's your favourite colour? Do you mind if I sing off key?


  • Honesty


  • TresHappy

    Invite your friends to a nice restaurant; make them buy your dinner and have the waiter sing Happy Birthday - they'll bring out a big piece of chocolate cake and make you blow out the candle. Informal but fun!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Merry "Happy Birthday" to you too, that's so cool we share the same date. Girl presents appreciated,thank you very much Cake flavor ummmmmmmmm any and all , but maybe deathby chocolate for the first time. Blue is my favorite color Sing away my dear

  • TheHobbyMan151

    i'd come if I was invited... [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  • MerryMagdalene

    "Happy Birthday" to you too

    Definitely make your first birthday as an adult memorable!

    Mine happened in my early 20s when a couple my then-husband and I were friends with found out I had never had a birthday party before. They made me dinner, a cake, sang happy birthday to me, and gave me presents and cards. It made me cry and my girlfriend hardly knew what to do. Birthdays were so normal for them, they had no idea how overwhelming it was for me.

    Do you have people to party with you? If so, tell them you've never celebrated your birthday before. They may jump at the chance to throw you a party....And, if not, do it up in grand style for yourself and invite who you will...of course, you always have usand we will be throwing you a rockin' cyber-party regardless...


  • delilah

    HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, Troubled Mind....May it be an exceptionally wonderful day for you....they say life is Grrrrreat in your 40's?! I'm beginning to think so now.

    Merry, same for you sweetie....and, uh, your singing sounds pretty darned good from where I'm sitting.

    Who's the young cutie putootie who complained about turning 20 something????? ENJOY it, hon, you don't stay in the 20's for very long!!!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thanks so much Merry .I was feeling a little silly wanting a birthday party at my age , but it really is something I totally missed out on as a JW kid. We never made a party of it with our own kids . I always let them know their birthday was special to me, and they got to choose what dinner we would have that day ,and what dessert...which usually was cake. As a kind of joke last year I gave my daughter in law a decorated birthday cake ,and she and I had a good time together enjoying it. I think many witnesses really miss out on the whole point of celebrating birthdays and holidays it could be such a wonderful time for family one needs to lose their head over it . I work with some really fun people, and I think I will share my desire with them .I'll let you know how it goes !

  • Poodles


    I say kids because you three are much younger then i!! My kids are 41 and 43 years old!! I wish you the best birthday ever and many more to come! and to you all from me and mine to you and yours!!


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