German Nutter

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ouch !

    A German with a sense of humour


  • wombat

    Is laughing at a mentally disturbed person funny?

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    No, but no one said this kid was mentally disturbed (apart from you).... Spoilt Rotten and badly behaved I'd say but no where does it say he is mentally disturbed.

    And before you start going off on one might I remind you that in cyberspace my opinion is just as valid as yours.

  • wombat

    Be kind...G"nite...

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    It's obvious that he's dealing with AOL dial-up.

    Nah - having dealt with both aol dial-up and broadband, this is definitely a broadband reaction - especially if it was filmed on 15th March and he was running Norton Antivirus ...

    IMPORTANT INFO FOR AOL MEMBERS Norton Update Affecting Connection

    Members running Norton Anti-virus software on their desktop may be unable to connect to AOL or the Internet as a result of a Norton update released March 15th

    (just how they expect you to read this when you can't get online is beyond me!)

    emo of the 'almost as angry as he was' class

  • Elsewhere

    LMAO... looks like a day-trader having a mixed day on the stock market.

    I bet e-Trade could re-work that into a Super Bowl commercial.

  • loosie

    If my kid acted like that over a game. I would definitely get them some help. And they would be buying their next keyboard with their own money. It looks like a golrified temper tantrum to me.

  • LDH

    Not to be judgemental, but this kid's parents are the crazy ones.


    • displays no impulse control (usually learned by the age of 3 or 4)
    • displays no appreciation for possessions
    • displays anger in an unhealthly manner

    and yet his parents allow him to have a computer with all of the accessories (including webcam) in his room? Sure. They probably can't be bothered anymore.

    There is a word for kids like this. Actually two of them. Emotionally Disturbed. My best girlfriend has her Master's in Special Education and teaches kids like this all day long. The parents of her students are virtually invisible.


  • defective light
    defective light

    lol.... He may just have Jehovah's Witnesses for parents. or....... Is this how do you tell mom and dad you dont wanna go to the lame ass meeting....?

  • greendawn

    He has lost his marbles and you could see him there getting hysterical having a big crisis though I couldn't understand what made him go hysterical what he was shouting at.

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