Watchtower claim to be a small business to avoid Privacy Act. What do I do?

by jwfacts 22 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Scully

    If they are a business, then they ought to be subject to all the regulations related to TAXATION. Definitely explore that option.

    They'll be sorry they went down that road! LOL

  • jwfacts

    I just spoke to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and they will reopen the case. He said that since there was a signed Stat Declaration then the WTS must be less the $3million turnover. I explained that JWs do not always feel God requires them to be honest in cases of Law and that I have the Financial Statement that shows $16 million turnover. He was very interested and will look into it further.

    If there is a loop hole the WTS will have found it, so i do not hold out too much hope yet. The Privacy Officer was not certain whether donations are exempt from annual turnover, but could not see any reason why they should be exempt.

  • collegegirl21

    Since New York is the headquarters, do you think they send the money there as a "bill" so that they can only claim so much money to make them a small business in Austrailia? I knwo with our congregation, it shows for us we only ahve like 3,000, but we have 150,000 on reserves in New York.

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