WhooHooo!!! Tax return of $19,000!!!!!!!!

by damselfly 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • anewme

    Yeah that refund is going to be sweet!

    We should pool all our money and go on a cruise or something together.

    An Apostacruise!!!!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I just dropped my taxes off to the CPA this morning and I'm biting my fingernails on wether or not we owe money .My Photography business did well last year , but I don't have as much deductions than year before. I have never received a refund of more than $800. How do you do it ? I may need to hit someone up for a loan .....any volunteers ? lol

  • Brigid

    Troubled Mind,

    The better your business does, the better an accountant you need have, my dear! Mine is very creative but always on the up and up. Nothing is beyond a write-off, my sweet. NO THING!!

    Never try to do business taxes on your own. That's what the bean-counters are for!


  • unclebruce

    I see I have competition .. mmm doubt I'll come out of this dutch auction with my shirt on ..

    ok I declare myself available to damselfly foooooorr....... $18,987.50US

    (little does the lady know that's about $7,000,000AU ...nya u aaar.

  • LDH
    I myself was thrilled to just not owe anything!

    Amen. It will be a blessing if we do not owe more.

  • mkr32208

    ok I'm mostly a stay at home dad nut I also worked part time at Home Depot this year. I made 10,200 at the depot so I get my W-2 and guess how much they withheld? Now it says very very clearly that I'm married withholding at the higher single rate with an additional $25 per pay period withheld... So guess... You ready? $200 bucks.... THATS all! O was I ever Freaking out! Luckily my wifey makes the big bucks and a big part of her pay is commission which is taxed at 36% so we ended up with a good return of 3800 and change but holy crap was I ever freaking when I saw that they had withheld 200 dollars!

  • OICU8it2

    Why do you want big returns? Why give the IRS your money all year. The best thing is to owe the max allowable by quarter or annum. It's your money, not theirs. They are not giving you anything. They are the enemy.

  • unclebruce

    Happy Valley Lunatic Asylum

    99 Lyrebird Lane Tathra NSW Australia

    Form 12B

    Patient Number: 1975

    Patient Code: Bethel Suite JWD room 665

    Staff Note: Censor and check for threats and explosive devices before mailing.

    Date: 17 th / March / 2006

    Well ok damselfly I know my true worth and this seems far to good an oportunity not to explore.. relationships aren't built on money .. how about I provide the provisions and you provide the sweet love and good looks .... and you get to keep your piggy bank as is. My people can talk to your people .. we'll work out a pre-nup (who said romance was dead?) .. a few compatibility checks .. and we can be hitched and done before the weekend is over. Do you like wombats? More importantly what's your view of having a baby? No joke - today I saw a sweet little girl all dressed up in ribbons and bows and I think I'm getting clucky lol.

    Oh no I've grown into a dirty old man chasing a younger women and wanting

    to replicate myself again

    Unclebruc e

    PS: All bets are off if you have an axe wielding boyfriend or two

    hiding in the wardrobe


    Happy Valley Lunatic Asylum

    99 Lyrebird Lane Tathra NSW Australia

    Patient / File Number: __1975_

    Censors Remarks. Strictly for Staff eyes only. Cut off at line above and send copy to Dr Jekyll prior to mailing; This seems like a worthy proposal (and may at last be a way out of our “unclebruce” problem.__ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

  • stillajwexelder

    mmm I had to pay 2000 dollars

  • RubaDub

    Wow that is awesome. Enjoy it, not everyone is so lucky to get that much back. I got back about $1300 back this year and was thrilled about that.

    As has been commented, I wouldn't consider getting a big refund back to be something "lucky" especially if you have other bills (credit cards, etc) that the money could have been used to pay off.

    If you are getting back a 3,000 refund, that means you paid in $250 extra to the gov't every month. You get no interest on it, nothing. They are just holding YOUR money until you request your refund and get it back.

    Rub a Dub

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