WhooHooo!!! Tax return of $19,000!!!!!!!!

by damselfly 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • damselfly

    Ummmm that's when I knew I did it wrong.

    So I had to do it all over again. UGH! Thank goodness I've been a student for few years and have tuition credits built up. My actual refund is going to be just over $3,000. Well if I did this one right LOL! So if I did new computor here I come! Then the rest is going toward my credit card bill.


  • outnfree

    $3,000. is plenty exciting in itself. I myself was thrilled to just not owe anything!


  • Balsam

    Wow that is awesome. Enjoy it, not everyone is so lucky to get that much back. I got back about $1300 back this year and was thrilled about that.


  • unclebruce

    What so I just spent 2 hours writing a marriage proposal for nothing?! sheesh damsefly, you gotta be more careful how you head things.

    build a bushies hopes up like that...

    ...and I'd planned a quick gettaway too

  • luna2

    LOL I was gonna say! Still, I'd be extremely happy if my refund came to $3000. I'm sure it won't be, however. I just don't have enough deductions.

  • damselfly

    **Breaks out pen and paper** Note to self - unclebruce's undying love and affection may be purchased for a mere $19,000, must start saving pennies immediately!

    Dams ( Where has my piggy bank gone to?)

  • Snoozy

    Hey if we all sent pennies..

    It could be a June wedding..

    Snoozy...who would appreciate a refund like that!..

  • daystar

    You may buy mine for the low, low price of $18,999!

  • ButtLight

    That reminds me of about 4 years ago! I did my taxes, and it came to about 6 grand. So I redid them, and got the same thing! So, even though I knew it wasnt right, I sent them in. Got em back, and spent it. 2 years later, it caught up with me, and I had to pay it back lol!

  • damselfly

    Young People Ask ~ Is it christian to purchase a spouse from an apostate message board?


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