Let's start this again for Ajsmama

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  • lola28

    Undercover this is really sweet of you, this is why you have always been one of my fave posters, and no I'm not just saying that.


  • SickofLies


    Just wanted to say glad your back!

    So he got on the phone with her and said that even though things were strained that she should at least accept the baby, and thats when I snatched the phone and said that if her pathetic, barren, brianwashed, freaky ass ever called, emailed, or came within 50 feet of my man or family,I would break every bone in her and every member of this cults pathetic body!! Get a fing clue you stupid bitch, merry god damn christmas!!!!
    Priceless and totally justified. You have a real chance here to deprogram you man and help him see how much damage his parents have done to him through this cult. He sounds like a good guy, and with your help he just might be able to see the truth behind the lies that he's been taught all his life.
  • ajsmama

    He is a good guy, a great gut actually, thats why this whole thing pisses me of so much.

    Um, and cuz sometimes im really spitefull, I wanna turn in his family for having contact with him, cant they get in trouble for that?

    Oh and this was sweet of you Undercover, thanks

  • prophecor

    Welcome AJ's Mama. I noticed you when you first came in yesterday. Wish you were better treated from the door but I'm sure we'll make up for it.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Hi ajsmama: Sorry for yesterday

    It is true that you cannot force your fiance's family to accept you or force him to give up his family for you and your child. What you can do is be patient and not allow either side to treat you with disrespect. I know you are angry at his family right now (justifiably so) but angry, threatening language towards them will only convince them that their initial assessment of you is correct. You might want to try to kill them with kindness. Also, in similar situations I have been aware of, the family is often angry in the beginning, but will later soften when they realize that may be the only way to remain a part of their son's and grandchild's life. If they do get over their initial upset about your relationship with their son, they will no doubt try to convert you for the sake of the baby and their son. So, while you can maintain a respectful attitude towards them for the sake of your fiance (whether they deserve it or not) please don't make the mistake that I have seen many others in your situation make: namely going along with a study or agreeing to take your child to meetings because you want to have a happy united family. If they eventually come around for the sake of seeing their child and grandchild, and you maintain a respectful and tolerant attitude towards them, then they should be able to do the same for you. You shouldn't accept any less than this from them if they wish to be a part of your child's life in the future.


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