Let's start this again for Ajsmama

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  • ajsmama

    Sorry, whats bttt?

  • Narkissos

    Back To The Top.

    Glad to see you here, ajsmama!

  • ajsmama

    Thanks, I almost left yesterday but decided the other people were too nice, esp. LDH. So I did something bad concerning my guys family...

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    HI ajsmama Welcome to the board

    Whatdja do??


  • stillajwexelder

    Welcome again BTTT stands for Back To The Top - so the thread is very active and has improved chances of being seen

  • ajsmama

    I will try to keep it brief. My mans family are total jackassses! They are constantly hurting him by not even aknowledging the fact that we just had a new baby and are getting married, yet they think its ok to send him emails with silly jokes, or come into his restaurant for free food.

    I think this is incredibly disrespectful and emailed his sister back that until she knows how to act right to refrain from ANY kind of contact with her brother.

    She emailed him back that I was "just some bartender" who her brother foolishly had a baby with. OH HELL NO!

    So he got on the phone with her and said that even though things were strained that she should at least accept the baby, and thats when I snatched the phone and said that if her pathetic, barren, brianwashed, freaky ass ever called, emailed, or came within 50 feet of my man or family,I would break every bone in her and every member of this cults pathetic body!! Get a fing clue you stupid bitch, merry god damn christmas!!!!

    Even though I ment it(ive been known to be violent on behalf of family) I probably could have handled that better, but who the hell calls a newborn a mistake!?

  • candidlynuts

    welcome AJ.. sorry for all the crapola yesterday here.

    you know, telling her off was just the right thing to do!

    it shows you are a strong person and aren't going to take any sh*t off them!

  • Spectre

    Nice!!! She will fear you for life.

  • jgnat

    Well, that blows the low-key approach.

    You are right. They are very disrespectful. Have you talked to your fiancee about the free food?

  • ajsmama

    Free food?

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