Good Friend is dying

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  • delilah

    Pratt, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend. He will be grateful to see you and your friend. You will be forever glad you went,( as awkward as it may be, and with his dub family present) My best friend died of leukemia, just after I was DF'd...I'll never forgive myself for not being there when she died. Hugs to you.

  • LDH

    Pratt, you are a good friend, too.

    I'm sorry your friend is not doing well and is not expected to live. ((((Pratt))))

    (((((((Pratt's friend)))))))

  • wednesday


    I share your emotion and also have a good friend who is dying. Someone very special on this board has done a healing blessing for this friend and it has brought me much relief . My emotions have been on a roller coaster , as I'm sure yours are too.

    One thing that I did that actually hleped me was to make a small altar for this person, with a personal item of theirs, and place candles and angles around it. I lit the candles and offered prayers. What it has done is provide me with a physical outlet for rmy pent up emotions and grief. I found it to be very carthartic.


  • Snoozy

    One of the sweetest and most wonderful women I ever met (a JW)..convinced her hubby to become a JW..well he came in gung ho..he had such a outgoing personality everyone liked him. Trouble was one liked him too much..he ended up leaving this lovely woman for the other JW lady. She too left her JW hubby. Well it broke my heart..they were a beautiful couple with a very sweet daughter. He and his other woman got disfellowshipped..divorced their mates married to each other..and soon after they were reinstated!..They kept going to the Kingdom hall..The same one..which I'm sure tore his wife #1 up.

    My wonderful lovely friend who's hubby left her for this other JW cancer soon after..she was dead within 6 months. It again broke my heart.

    When things like that happen..I question God. What kind of ironic joke is he playing on us? Why the good ones?

    I don't know if I will ever find the answer..but we should show our friends how much we appreciate them while we can.


  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    This might be helpful to the family... almost all of the states have programs that go by such names as "spend down". The government does NOT tell people about any of this. Have a family member go to billing at the hospital and also to social services and if they qualify EVERY hospital bill will be flushed immediately. This has to happen in order for the hospitaql to continue to get federal monies. This will also open them up immediately ( I believe) for state insurance for 6 months post to applying as well as 6 months in the future. I have seen this happen with many people and it works. Tens of thousands of dollars disappear off the books within seconds. The push of a couple of computer keys and your bill is a distant history.

    PM me if I can be of any further assistance. Many, many years ago I worked for BC/ BS insurance.

    Mary shivering in her cabin.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods


    What is a healing blessing?


  • IronClaw
    Although I am not looking forward to seeing his family who are all dubs, I would always regret not seeing him while we could still talk to one another, so off I go.

    You must go. You can never get back the time if you don't. And yes you would regret it. I am so sorry. I feel your pain.

    The Claw.

  • wednesday


    I can't explain it exactly, not the way Brigid can, except it is essentially the same thing the members of this board are doing for Ian and simple salley, and others. They are holding a vigil for them and lighting candles, directing energy and prayers toward those persons. So this is the same. I just put a letter my friend had written on my dresser, set some candles on it, I elected to put some small statues of angels around it and I prayered for this person. I directed healing energy toward them. For me it was helpful b/c it was a physical thing I could do that helped me harness my emotions and direct energy toward this person. Really, those who go to chapel to pray are doing the same thing..It is not a precise science.


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