Happy St.Patrick's Day!

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  • Legolas

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

    Now don't you all get too drunk tonight on green beer!

    PS...This is the only day I can use the St.Patty's Day emoticons..LOL

  • arwen

    and a Happy St Patrick's Day to you too...my fair colleen...as they say in Ireland..this is a first for us eh Legolas??

  • TopHat

    An Irish Prayer

    Let us be thankful...if we can't be thankful for what we got....let us be thankful for what we have not.Watchtower lies!

  • Legolas

    Hi Tophat!

    Yes Arwen a first St.Patty's Day in along time!..LOL...I think I will try some green beer myself tonight and maybe I will get lucky and find a leprechaun!

  • jstalin


  • greendawn

    I am not an Irishman but I think the Irish people are very charming so cheers to Saint Patrick's day. The Irish had never realised that the guy they captured and made a slave would later on change the history of their country taking them from druidism to Christianity.

  • daystar
  • xjwms

    G reen

    back at cha

    So why is this red?

  • GoingGoingGone

    When I was in high school, kids who got in trouble had to work in the cafeteria during lunch sometimes. One year, a kid was being punished on St. Patrick's Day. He brought a syringe to school (yes, this was many moons ago) and injected drops of green dye into the milk cartons that he then gave out to his friends. They had green milk when they opened the carton.

    It was pretty funny, but I think he got into even more trouble after that...


  • inbyathread

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