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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore


    IF C T Russell indeed HAD "the truth".....wouldn't it have withstood the test of time and remained the truth if it DID have "God's spirit"?

    I didn't mean Russell was perfect or had the whole truth... I meant, I believe he had God's spirit, because he had a lot of good truths. He was all wrong on prophesy but to me, had a lot of the basic doctrine good. For ex.:

    Trinity(not) , Hellfire (not), using God's name, preaching, the kingdom being a government, the clergy and laity separation (not), wrong to have a controlling org., soul and spirit (pretty good def..but a little off), ghenna, hades, sheol, (not too far off). And other things..I think were pretty good. But nothing since him.......After him...alot of bad. Just my opinion...

  • moshe

    Robert King is just an opportunist-out to make a $-buck-$- his book sales have went to his head and he is beginning to think he is really somebody that Jehoovah is using to save the Kingdoms Halls. His E-watchman site went to his head and he banned anyone who pointed out any errors in his beliefs. I believe he has sold over 30,000 copies of his book- pretty good for a vanity press title. He is a one act play ( reports say he stole the ideas in his book from someone else) and has no follow up material.

  • sf

    Yea, lest we forget how modest he titled the book:

    Jehovah Has Become (Robert) KING.


  • sf

    In the same category of videos that the JEHOVAH EXPOSED video is, lookie here at what is linked:

    Why was the Watchtower an NGO ..
    Robert King
    4 min 24 sec

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