April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

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  • rebel8


    April is child abuse awareness month!

    Suggestions on what we might do to raise abuse awareness in our local communities

    • Go by local abuse organizations and drop off information about silentlambs and ask if they would like to have a video for their library. Offer to bring by copies of silentlambs brochures that are printable off the website.

    • Find out what events are going to be talking place in the local community such as walks or other gatherings and wear a silentlambs t-shirt and bring video and brochures to distribute or loan out to those interested in reviewing.

    • “Friendly” honk when you drive by a Kingdom Hall during the month of April.

    • Participate in the "Lambs To Protect Kids" Campaign, [click here] for details.

    • Distribute brochures to public places that offer information ask permission if required to do so. To download brochures click here

    • March in Washington DC on April 10th of this year. [click here to register]

    • Offer the silentlambs abuse awareness program to local institutions in your area.

    • Join your local rape abuse hotline or shelter and participate in their education programs to be accredited to volunteer and offer assistance to other abuse survivors.

    • Wear a silentlambs pin where ever you go and explain to those who see it what it stands for.

    • Write your story of abuse to the local newspaper or television station and ask if they want to do a story.

    • Leave the “If your child becomes a victim” silentlambs material along with a stuffed lamb on Kingdom Halls and other churches in your area.

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  • carla

    It really takes no time at all to print just a few of the Silentlamb brochures and 'drop' them in high traffic areas. Or make a goal and deliver a certain amount to neighborhood paperboxes. (if it doesn't seem to jw-ish to do so for you) but think of it this way, you don't have to actually talk to anyone! The best time I have found to do this is after the Sunday morning paper are in the box. They are so large and rolled up that the Silentlambs brochure fits nicely right on top. Most people will see this before the headline! However, it is awfuly hard to get up that early and 'go for a walk'!

  • cruzanheart

    If nothing else, just email everyone you know and tell them about Jehovah's Witnesses' policy on child abuse. Include personal examples if you have them. End up the email by telling them that the next time a Jehovah's Witness rings your doorbell you could be face-to-face with a child molester. And tell them to pass it on.


  • greendawn

    It's one of the big sins of the WTS covering child abusers (one wonders why they are soft on them) along with deaths due to the blood ban, also family break ups and suicides due to the shunning policy.

    In poor countries child abuse is much worse and fuelled by wealthy western sex tourists. Children are forced to have sex, raped, and they always risk catching sexual diseases and indeed many do. It's extreme inhumanity.

  • rebel8

    Free e-card about the JW abuse issue--can be sent anonymously. http://jwinfo.8m.com/e-cards.htm

  • Hawkeye

    It is really the ultimate worst crime against children. I was sexually abused by my father for 7 years. I went through hell. When a friend told me about silent lambs(when I was a believer of the WTS) I listened to her, but was afraid to go to the site. I finally did. It changed everything. I knew I could no longer be a part of a group that could actually COVER UP such horrible crimes against kids. I thank my wonderful, DF'd friend!!!


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  • dollbaby

    First of all the child abuse thing, I really do not know what you are saying, but I can tell you this in all religions there are sinners, and Catholic Churchs too the priest, that goes back the Roman Times, has always been so. I just think that is a bit much, people should be punish for there crime they commit, including relatives!


  • Snoozy

    Thanks Rebel..and Dollbaby I agree..Child abuse is all over..not only in the JW's religion. But at least the Catholics are owning up somewhat. JW's just keep denying.

    The trouble is it is so widespread. They have found it in Boyscouts..sports ..schools..besides religion. Pedophiles try to get these positions just for that purpose.

    The child porn man on our street that got arrested and is out on bail is pleading insanity. He originally sat down with his elderly parents and swore to them he was innocent. He said to them.."Has anyone ever come to you and told you I molested them or hurt them in any way?"..They answered no. He swore he was innocent of all charges. Now since they have so much evidence against him is changing his plea to insanity.But he is still down there living with his parents.

    His hearing is at the end of March..I am anxious to see what happens. I can't believe they are letting him out on bail with all the evidence they have against him.

    His parents are probably stupid enough to buy him another computer..the police confiscated his other one.

    Snoozy Q

  • rebel8
    I really do not know what you are saying, but I can tell you this in all religions there are sinners

    No one is saying there are not sinners in all religions. There are many groups (not just religions) that have unusual problems with abuse though, because of the organizational structure and its rules. JWs have a particular problem with it because:

    • Pedophiles are attracted to situations in which they have access to children. The JW religion provides unfettered, unsupervised access to children.
    • There is a culture of silence in the JW religion, which discourages victims from telling anyone about abuse. Although the official literature says otherwise, there is a definite doublespeak in its literature and a clear verbal message discouraging reporting. (long story but that is a summary)
    • The molester is not considered guilty unless there were 2 eyewitnesses to him/her molesting others.
    • There is a strong organizational structure making it unlikely anyone will break the code of silence and report it to the authorities, so the abusers are never stopped.
    • There is a rule allowing a molester to be forgiven if he/she just voices repentance. Molesters are known for being disingenuous to avoid consequences, so of course they are going to "repent". Plus "repentance" is not an indicator that the molestation will cease; molesters rarely, if ever, stop molesting. Repentant molesters are given few if any sanctions, allowing them continued unsupervised access to congregation children and the parents have no idea about the risk. They are also allowed to go into neighborhoods and knock on people's doors to preach, and the public has no idea they are molesters.
    • The victim is not allowed to avoid social/religious interaction with a repentant molester.
    • The victim is interrogated to determine if he/she "caused" the abuse. Yes, that means sometimes rape victims are told it was their fault, and they are subject to religious sanctions for it!!!

    Yes, child abuse is widespread. Silent Lambs is a group that advocates for all abused persons but focuses on JW victims because there is no one else advocating for them.

    If you want to learn more about why the JW religion has such a problem with abuse, then visit www.silentlambs.org.

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