A Pedophile in our local congo--WHAT SHALL I DO PUBLICALLY? mmmmm...

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  • wozadummy

    For some months we have known of a pedophile in our congo who molested his daughters years ago and we were told this by the Pioneer sister who used to get a lift from him and his wife but won't now go with them . We hav'nt been for some time but are having our own seperate issue over this type of problem and spoke to Elders who we reqested to see for ages ,and they finally came around and I questioned them about this pedophile and the Societies stance on this sought of thing, whether anything has changed in policy and of course it has'nt and I threw it at them that they have not warned the congo of his past conduct and he has been seen at the hall trying to hug kids and of course the brothers and sisters think he is just a jolly grandfather type !!!!!!! of course most are ignorant of the real him and I pointed out also that we can't go to the hall to worship along a filthy scum like this. Well they pulled out the usuall crap to defend the socity but I threw it back at them again that they are'nt protecting the children by their parents being ignorant of what the pig has done.....he had been in trouble before for adultery as well and his stupid wife still backs him up after years, some women really do proxy their daughters for the lusts of their husbands....we know and here is another case!

    Well what I would like is help....what do you think of letter boxing his neighbours with his address and what he is and what org he belongs to? Any suggestions that might be effective........PLEASE

    I hate to think of them reoffending

  • Gill

    Wozadummy - what to do depends on whether you can PROVE your allegations.

    Does he have a police record? Are his offences actually logged somewhere in written form. If you start telling everyone what he's done, and there's NO proof, you may find the Police on your ass, rather than his. If, what his done is only recorded with the Elders and the WTBTS, there's no way they're going to reveal that kind of information and blacken the name of the WTBTS.

    Be careful. The odd word here and there to people in your cong. who have kids may be a good idea, but you may have to pay the price with a visit to the back room or worse!

  • rebel8

    Here is a list of congregations that have alleged molesters. You could check with Silent Lambs and see if they have a similar list for AU and report it there. That may offer some safeguard for potential victims.

    Could you call your local law enforcement and find out if you can report it somehow?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    While I was in Winnipeg a jW was arrested for sexual abuse. The elders simply moved him from one cong to another and of course told no one. I sat in my car outside the KH that had a lot of children. During the meeting I wandered through the parking lot and place flyers on or in the cars (some people had left their window open a wee bit to air the car) about a molester in the hall and that they needed to be very careful with their children.

  • wozadummy

    Thanks for the tips ,it does seem to me the perpetrator has not been reported to police as the victims are still in the truth and quiet about it all. When I spoke to the elders I said it was pointless going to another hall as they could not guarantee a pedophile free hall. So much muzzled silence and so little action.

    It appears that to inform discreetly is the best thing to do ,we are not worried for ourselves if we are DF'd, but to work from within so to speak seems the best thing to do.

    We had a visit from a young freind yesterday who is being pressured to study again after years of no commitment to the society and we told the freind about the risk to their children if they went to that hall and in turn we were told about another person who used to be a local elder and was DF'd for pedophilia and we thought it was just his drinking problem...just shows how JW's can hide the truth.

    This guy used to frequent the local public toilets and was known to local kids as the " pedophile preacher"....we knew nothing of this and I saw him with brothers at a recent assembly and he was taken in to live with his elder brother in law supposedly because of cancer but it all is plain to me now.

    We have seen many other instances of this thing over the years and it is always hidden ....it just makes me busting to shout it out.

    Thats really courageous to put notes in peoples cars though

  • undercover

    Not trying to hi-jack the thread, but I went to the link supplied by rebel8 and found that my old congregation is listed on the Silent Lambs list of congregations with a reported pedophile.

    In the suggestions to members of the congregation, one suggestion is to: " Check the local sex offender list in your area, type in the name of every person in your congregation to see if any are listed."

    Is there one main website where one can check for local sex offenders or does every area/county/city/town have a different method of keeping a database available? Any help or suggestions would be helpful. I'd like to find out more about who was reported and let any of my JW family still in the congregation know about it.


  • undercover

    I found a couple of databases and was able to search my area. No one's name that I knew came up, so I'm guessing whoever reported to Silant Lambs someone from the hall was reporting someone who was never reported to police.

    So the intrique is still there....who was reported? Is it someone I know? Is it someone my family trusts? Who reported them to Silent Lambs? Is there another 'undercover' 'apostate' in my old congregation? Is it someone I know? Is it someone I grew up with or knew fairly well?

  • metatron

    Two questions:

    1) do you have hard legal evidence to back up this allegation? like a conviction?

    2) does this guy go door to door?

    if the answer is yes to both of these, you can raise hell!

    Here's how: get a camcorder and secretly record him going door to door - then send the video to local TV stations suggesting

    to them the story title " Jehovah's Witnesses send pedophile to kids doors"

    .......and they're royally reamed...


  • stillAwitness

    Hey undercover, my questions exactly!

    MY congregation was listed too!!!! Now I am freaking out!! Who? What? When? How?

    Holy Crap! This is major. A sex offender is in my con. and I did not even know it!!!

  • misspeaches

    I'm not sure what your position in the congregation is at the moment. I gather that you still attend meetings but know the real truth about the religon? If that is the case then you must tread very carefully. Parents of children in the congregation should be aware that this peodphile is in their midst and the potential danger their children are in. But when you do let them know be cautious as to how you do it.

    My friend who also posts here, BlissIsIgnorance, (Aussie Poster) was disphellowshipped for slander after warning people of the peodphile in their congregation after he abused her own child.

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