Elder™ sighting at work

by Scully 33 Replies latest jw experiences

  • KW13

    Well you handled that very well!

    I remember when my mum was disfellowshipped and the lengths folks would go to avoid her LOL they'd cross streets, hide and all sorts

  • unclebruce

    oops! I must have really been was speed reading and missed the elders loving invite back to the clutchesof the cult loving theocratic arrangement™.


  • daystar

    Good on ya!

  • GoingGoingGone

    Good job!

    The sad part is that he will go on plodding through his day, convinced at how empty and futile your life now is......

    And the wonderful part is, you couldn't care less what he thinks anymore!


  • hartstrings

    Thank you Skully for such a great, eye-opening post. It made me realize how little control the organization has over me now and how different that is from the days I used to worry about everything I said around them. I remember from a very young age being taught to respect authority and the headship "arrangement." My therapist has helped me with the marriage and father part, but I still still struggle with the congregation. I think I go overboard sometimes telling my daughters how they can be ANYTHING they want to be in life. It doesn't matter if they are a girl, the world is wide open for them. My dad used to use the scriptures that talk about wives and children being in subjection while beating me, my siblings, and my mom. I will never let any human or diety have that much control over my girls.

  • Finally-Free
    I still can't get over how he seemed to be so intimidated by me, and how small and puny he seemed to me.

    That's how most of them are once they meet someone who exudes confidence.


  • JH

    Now,you were the one in charge, unlike little sister Scully

  • willyloman
    I still can't get over how he seemed to be so intimidated by me, and how small and puny he seemed to me.

    Elders count on us being meek and submissive and somewhat in awe of their "position." When you don't exhibit those characeristics, they are thrown outside their comfort zone and become confused. It's all about attitude and realizing that YOU hold the moral high ground, not the other way around. Once that realization sinks in, it's easy to be empowered and fearless with these guys.

  • Balsam

    I can remember when I was in the borg and I'd occasionally come across someone from the congregation who was fading. Of course as a Sister I didn't do the Elder prompt on them but did ask how they were doing and about their family.

    Something that always puzzled me is how good they looked and how happy they looked. I had been told so many times that people who don't stay within the fold became unahppy dealing with the world. What I was told and what I beheld in these faders always confused me. I tried to stay away from mentioning meetings, or literature with them. I would say I had missed seeing them, and of course they would say come visit me at home sometime Ruth. Well visiting an inactive one was dangerous so unless I had a someone stronger than me with me I wouldn't do it but very seldom. I recall visiting one sister who had been fading for years and she told me she had some of Bro. Russell's books, and that the Elders had told her she should not read them. She did anyway and realized that what JW taught was not what Russell had taught. Well I was very confused because I didn't know Russells books were off limits to us rank and file. Well my Elder husband straightened me right out when I got home. You know I should not have visited her she is confused, and didn't know what she was talking about. I was smacked back in like with policy and the rules. I remember that scared me at the time because something didn't feel right about what he said in putting sister fader down. Goodness I haven't thought of that event in years.

    It funny being disf'ed and being ignored by the JW, at how really powerless they really are. Scully good going I think your comments to the Elder were perfect. I wish every Elder has that experience so they can think.


  • greendawn

    When they are out of their depth they are easily bewildered deep down they know they are just pawns of the GB they probably don't even believe in the WTS as the true religion but stay in just for the position and the sense of importance it gives them. They are always keen to open the Bible to validate their points yet much of what they believe is contradicted by the same Bible.

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