What are your morals like since leaving the organisation?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    They are not as strict, but definitely still have morals. I just use my reasoning more now.

  • damselfly

    Pretty much the same as before I left.

    I don't smoke but is that really a moral thing? As for your friend that's with the married woman? There's all different shades of grey. Maybe her and her husband have an agreement, maybe they're separated, maybe he's got a piece on the side. Who's to say what is moral in that case?

    My divorce still isn't final so technically I'm committing adultry does it make me immoral? I don't think so.


  • EAGLE-1

    Had morals before, during, and after.Got this thing for high heels though.

  • ballistic

    Yes I've had relationships where people are "technically" married. what about high heels though. Am I technically guilty for insisting girls wear high heels?

  • damselfly

    I pronounce you technically guilty of lusting over footwear and a possible foot fetish.

    Shame on you, Shame I say!


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    One of, if not the most important part of being a dub for me was treating others as I'd like to be treated myself. When I left the org I tried to stick to that, the rest of my morels went down the pan to begin with but I never did anything to hurt anybody else. As I grew older and wiser the old habits started to catch up again. They're not the old morels though. I no longer smoke not because of Jehovah but because of the health risks, I don't go out and do party drugs anymore not because of Jehovah but because they don't bloody work anymore and I'm too bloody old.

    The sex with attached people thing I've done because it was handed to me on a plate and because back then I used to think with my dick but afterwards I would tear myself up inside about doing it. Now if I were single and in the same situation I probably definitely wouldn't do it again. Its not worth the self hate or the pain it would cause to the husband / boyfriend that's being betrayed.

    Growing up in the truth you don't really "grow up" you're not your own person, rather you are this clone that thinks and acts like every other brother and sister. You don't have your own morel code, you have the orgs instead. Leaving the "truth" mean leaving that morel code behind and means learning your own morel code of whats right and wrong for YOU.

  • ballistic

    If I'm bad , I rely on you people to tell me that, come on, tell me I'm bad!

  • damselfly

    You are so bad my useful habits are in danger of spoiling.


  • Chimene
    My divorce still isn't final so technically I'm committing adultry does it make me immoral? I don't think so

    ditto dams

  • bonnzo


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