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  • KW13

    If i am wrong then i will be corrected but i am sure gay people are genetically homosexual and not by pure this true?

  • Chimene

    If i am wrong then i will be corrected but i am sure gay people are genetically homosexual and not by pure this true?

    Exactly KW, I feel the same way. I'm sure there are ones that choose to be, which is where you get into the bysexual thing, that's a whole other situation. But people that are homesexual that truely fall in love with a significant other of the same sex, and are dedicated to them, has to make you wonder. It is obviously the way they were born, genetically

  • gumby

    Your not getting a straight answer from those who still believe in the bible because they won't come right and say......the bible condems a man who lays with a man. The fact is, the bible says it more than once in the N.T and the O.T....... and others know it does.

    The more important least in my opinion is.....did god intend for man to record the thought that homosexuality"is wrong"? Did god inspire this idea?

    You'll find, if you ever get a chance, that much of what the bible said, came from a tribe of people who's laws and rules didn't manytimes rhyme with truth, logic, and facts. Look up in the old testement and see how many times women come out of the womb BEFORE a male does. Then see how many women are born period. The jews were real big on having kids.......just like the Mormons!


  • SickofLies

    Yes, the bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but it also says that women have to have babies to be saved and (if your worried about it form a salvation point of view) it says there will be a resurrection of the just and the unjust. From a biblical point of view there is no more reason to condemn your brother for being gay than there is for swearing. I’m not gay myself and I know I look at girls and are attracted to them, there is no way I could feel attracted to a guy, but some guys are, and I believe there must be a genetic reason for that. I am a biochem student, and one thing I’ve learned is that genetics controls every aspect of our appearance and our behavior. The thing when creatures reproduce, mutations crop up. These mutations are not always bad, most are natural and some are beneficial. From a population stand point, being gay is good for the human race as there are too many babies.

    BTW, Welcome!

  • CountryGuy
    Rubi dear your job as his sister is simple: just love him.

    Your job on this earth as your brother's sister is to love him and show him how fine a woman can be in love and loyalty, honor and character. This is your responsibility towards him. Do not allow others to interfere with the very special bond that you share with your dear brother.

    Great advice anewme!


    As a gay man who came out to his JW family, I was prepared to lose my family. I was prepared for my sister to shun me for the rest of my life. But, I came to a point where I couldn't keep it a secret any longer. Your brother more than likely came to this same conclusion. It's an horrible place to be, thinking that you would lose your family because of something you can no more control than the color of your eyes.

    Yes, many religions believe that homosexuality is in direct violation of Biblical direction. But, in many verses that condemn homosexuality, the Bible also condemn other things that we no longer consider wrong, like wearing clothes made of two different fibers. (How many JWs own cotton/polyester blend suits?) Just remember, Jesus gave us two new commandments: 1. Love God. 2. Love your neighbor. He never mentioned anything about homosexuality.

    Is this a simple answer to a very complex issue? Oh yeah. You bet. But, I think it is a good start for you. You sound like you love your brother, but you don't want to displease God. You have to decide will showing love and support to your brother anger God? Obviously, I'm going to say that it won't, but you have to make that decision for yourself. I'm happy to say (and I feel very blessed) that my sister decided that she was not going to shun me for something that I had no choice in the matter on. I am very close to my sister, and her son, and could not imagine my life without them in it. Do you want to continue to be a part of your brother's life?

    I wish you and your brother the best,

  • outoftheorg

    Yes, people who are truly gay have a dna or genetic difference than most of us do.

    If your brother for example had touret syndrom (sp?) would you abandon him and agree that he will die in armageddon??

    That he deserves to die and is condemned in Gods eye??

    He is not choosing to be different and hated by some. Who would do that?

    Even more, he needs your love and acceptance.


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