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  • rubi

    thats true, but not only jw catholics and alot of other religions beleive its wrong

    it has gotten more liberal but its still viewed as something wrong.

    why did you leave the JW?

  • Nosferatu

    Why don't you ask God himself and let him answer you? If the Governing Body can do it (or pretend to do it), why should you be denied an answer?

    Also, at one time getting vaccinations was just as bad as worshipping Satan. That also came from the Governing Body who says homosexuality is controllable.

  • kwintestal
    why did you leave the JW?

    I left because I came to realize that a lot of what the JW's taught was false. I came to this understanding by studying non-JW information. Also because I knew that if I didn't leave, my kids would be stuck living the same lie I was living 20 years down the road.


  • kwintestal
    Also, at one time getting vaccinations was just as bad as worshipping Satan. That also came from the Governing Body who says homosexuality is controllable.

    haha And don't forget they had the cure for skin cancer, but you could only get it by mailing a request for it to them, and then you couldn't share it with anyone else. haha


  • jstalin

    Rubi - I'm gay too. Your brother will be gay whether or not your or anyone else approves of it. Sure, you can "control" homosexuality by not having sex, but he will always be (and probably always has been) attracted to guys. He won't be able to control those thoughts any more than a straight person thinks about the opposite sex.

    Your brother badly needs the love of his family. His decision to come out to you all was probably the hardest in his life. I repeat, it was the hardest decision of his life.

    Are you going to base your decision on whether or not to love your brother on someone else's theological opinion? He is what he is, and it's not his choice.

    I dated girls too just to try and fit in. He did the same. Now he is allowing himself to be himself.

  • greendawn

    God destroyed Sodom because its inhabitants were sexually violent rather than because they were homosexual. They were acting like rapists engaging in sexual assaults on ppl.

  • anewme

    Rubi dear your job as his sister is simple: just love him.
    Your job on this earth as your brother's sister is to love him and show him how fine a woman can be in love and loyalty, honor and character. This is your responsibility towards him. Do not allow others to interfere with the very special bond that you share with your dear brother.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    Did you ask your brother if you could be heterosexual? So why does he have to ask you if he can be homosexual? He's probably a nice person who means no harm to anyoine. Why make an issue of it if he doesn't. You can always ask him not to sing showtunes in your house if you don't want any homosexual activites to take place in your home. "One, singular sensation, every move that she makes!" Thats the worst part of having someone gay around. (Gimme a break)


  • Legolas


  • Chimene
    Why would god make Gay people if it wasn't OK with him?


    I question that also. The bible says it's wrong, but then, I truly believe some people are just born that way. There have been scientific studies that showed how a male and felmale sperm entered a womans egg, but then, the famale sperm died. This could be a reason why....also, I think they are called "morphedykes", born with both sex organs, I don't see how god could send this person to hell, or what ever happens to us, for chosing the wrong sex, when he/she is born with both? How do you know what to chose? I have a VERY gay friend, who can't stand the thought of being with a woman, it grosses him out. But he is a loving wonderful person, I can't imagine God destroying him, it just doesn't make sense.... I don't think anyone has the real answer

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