WT only complete Finnish bible?

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  • willyloman

    Maybe they were trying to say they were the only publishers of The Finnish Mystery.

  • Thrall

    Not even remotely true. There are several bibles of various origins available in Finnish. Most of the "major" versions, I believe.

  • Leolaia

    Here is what the Society says:

    The first complete Finnish Bible, largely based on Michael Agricola's work, was published in 1642. In time, it bacame the official Bible of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Over the years the text received several minor revisions but remained virtually unchanged until 1938. The latest revision was released in 1992.

    This is quite different from the Wikipedia article. This creates the impression that there has been a single translation which has been only revised over the years. The Wikipedia article instead suggests that the 1933/8 and 1992 editions are seperate translations with their own translation committees, with different translation techniques used for each. It also notes that the older 1776 version is still used by some in addition to the more recent official versions. The Society treats them all together as a single "Finnish Bible" because they are all "official" translations. The article also accurately notes that the Finnish NWT is not a translation from the original languages, but rather, a translation of a translation.

  • unclebruce
    Not even remotely true. There are several bibles of various origins available in Finnish. Most of the "major" versions, I believe.

    You lucky Fin, I think the only way we'll ever get an Australian bible is if I write it myself. unclebruce

  • Clam

    LOL What a thought Uncle B – an Aussie Bible™. I’d pay good money for that. Surely they must have Aussie vernacular bible stories over there?

    Jonah and the Saltie. The parable of the Bonzer Swagman, and Why it’s shithouse not to be a Jumbuck.

    If there is one I want one!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Bible - Finnish
    Product code: FINN070 Translation: C. Binding: HB. Size: 186 x 126mm
    Quantity: 14 item(s) available
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    Here's a complete one. No Frontiers is the UK specialist in foreign language Bibles even 'obscure' tribal ones.

  • BluesBrother

    I can support that the Awake said what others have quoted .

    I bet it comes to the question of the description "revision" or a "translation" ? Certainly the dates 1938 and 1992 hold up in my admittedly brief search on the matter.

  • funkyderek
    I think the only way we'll ever get an Australian bible is if I write it myself

    Not so, unclebruce.

    See http://www.theaussiebible.com.au for stuff like:

    (Mark 6:31-44) Jesus said to his team, ?Come on out to the desert for a bit, so you can have some kip.? (There was such a big mob hanging around they didn?t even have time for a bite to eat.)

    They hopped in the skiff and rowed around the shore to a quiet spot in the scrub. But the mob saw them leave, and recognised them, and took off on foot. So people from all the townships got there ahead of them.

    When Jesus came ashore he saw this enormous mob, and felt sorry for them because they were like a bunch of aimless sheep with no one to keep on eye on them. He started talking to them, and gave them the good oil on a whole lot of things.

    Late in the arvo his team came to him and said, ?This is dry mallee country, and it?s getting pretty late. Let the mob pop off so they can buy themselves some tucker from local properties or townships.
  • Clam

    LOL Derek that link is brilliant. Thanks.

  • TheOldHippie

    WT is correct; as in other Nordic languages, there has been ONE official translation. ONE body which translates, and revisions and newer translations have been made, but theyare always "official", no other translations have been available except the WT translation. So it has been until a handfull of years ago in Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Only official translations.

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