WT only complete Finnish bible?

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  • Dogpatch

    In the Awake! of Jan. 2006, page 23 it apparently (I don't have the mag) states that the Watchtower's New World Translation is the ONLY COMPLETE FINNISH BIBLE. Could this possibly be true that after all these years there are no others in Finnish? Hard to believe, or are they just lying?

    Randy Net Soup!

  • Leolaia

    Surely there are Christians in Finland!

  • Leolaia

    Found this on a 3 second Google search:


    Can you give us the exact quote, Randy?

  • Clam

    Oh dear, and they (the WTS) haven't even been able to translate it into English properly.

  • Atlantis


    Finnish Bible

    These Bibles are free, either to view online or for download:

    This Bible is for sale at Amazon.com:

    You can purchase the Finnish New Testament on audio cassette from Faith Comes By Hearing.

    The "JESUS" Film, based on the Gospel of Luke, has been translated into Finnish. To order, visit Jesusfilm.org. Or order by phone from Campus Crusade at 1-800-432-1997.

    Thru the Bible, the classic five-year radio Bible study with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, is broadcast daily on the internet in Finnish.

  • carla

    I saw Finnish Bibles in a Finnish Museum. I don't read Finnish so I don't know the translations used. But, they were there and well thumbed!

  • kwintestal

    Here is the quote from the article:

    Awake! Jan 2006, Pg 23 (box on right)

    The Finnish Bible

    The first complete Finnish Bible, largely based on Michael Agricola's work, was published in 1642. In time, it bacame the official Bible of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Over the years the text received several minor revisions but remained virtually unchanged until 1938. The latest revision was released in 1992.

    The only other complete Bible in Finnish is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, published by Jehovah's Witnesses. It was released in 1995. Twenty years earlier, in 1975, the Witnesses had already published their translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures. The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is as faithful as possible to the original text. To date some 120,000,000 have been printed.

    Any typos are due to my poor typing skills.


  • observer

    Definitely not true. However, could you provide exact quote from WT? I'd guess maybe they mean that NWT is the only Bible which uses name "Jehova" as name of God or something.

  • Leolaia



    The first Finnish translation of the New Testament was Mikael Agricola's Se Wsi Testamenti Somexi (The New Testament in Finnish), which was translated from Greek originals into Finnish 1548. Agricola is today considered the father of the Finnish written language.

    The first translation of the whole Bible was the so-called Vanha kirkkoraamattu (Old Church Bible), titled Biblia, Se on: Coco Pyhä Ramattu Suomexi. This edition was translated by committee led by Bishop Erik Rothovius 1638-1641, and published 1642. It was revised 1683-1685 (Florinus).

    As the Finnish written and spoken language evolved during the centuries and literacy became commonplace also amongst the laypeople, need for a new edition arose. The so-called Biiblia or Vuoden 1776 raamattu (Year 1776 Bible) was published in 1776. It was the first edition meant not only to ecclestical but also to domestic use, and first written in Modern Finnish. It was revised 1859. The 1776 Bible is the version in use by certain sects even today.

    Again a new translation was needed in the early 20th century, and a committee for translation was set 1911. It had its work ready 1933. Full edition of Bible was published in 1938. This edition is often referred as Vuoden 1938 kirkkoraamattu (year 1938 Church Bible). It was translated by the Finnish Lutheran Church, and intended to Lutheran use. As the translationary principle was "one source language word - one Finnish word", its text is very archaizing, and it uses dialectal terms obsolete even during the era. The 1938 edition consisted of Old Testament, deuterocanonicals and New Testament.

    The latest official Finnish translation dates to 1992, the so-called Uusi kirkkoraamattu (New Church Bible). It is the first Finnish ecumenical edition; the translation committee consisted not only of the representants of the Finnish Lutheran Church, but also of academics and representants of Finnish Orthodox Church and Finnish Catholic Church, and is intended to use of all Christian denominations. the principle of 1992 edition is contextual translation; instead of verbatim translation, the contextes have been attempted to be translated as accurately as possible. The initial edition consisted of only New and Old Testament: the translation of the Old Testament deuterocanonicals were finished only 2004.

    Of the non-official Finnish translations the most important is Uuden Maailman käännös (New World Translation) used by Jehovah's Witnesses. The principle in translation of this edition has been same as on 1938 edition: as verbatim translation as possible. Unfortunately the translation of the "Uuden Maailman käännös" has been done from English instead of original Aramaic and Greek, making the edition somewhat inaccurate.

  • unclebruce

    G'day Randy This is the front cover of a Finnish Bible available through Amazon (Esko, a bricklayer friend is a fellow believer in Santa Claus but I'd be embarrased to ask him about the bible). Unless I've caught the society in another crime, it looks as though there are at least two complete Finnish translations of the bible. I'd be surprised if there weren't at least a few more. cheers, unc

    EDIT: wow you folks are too quick for me lol ..slow finger unc

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