So, now they think I`m shunning them

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  • Hellrider

    Great advice and comments everybody.

    Unique1, yes, I`ll do that. Not sure if I`m gonna call, but I`ll send a nice card, flowers (that`s appropriate for weddings, isn`t it? God, I have no clue when it comes to these things) and a gift. A toaster or something, lol, that`s a typical wedding gift, I would think.

    Gumby and Undercover: You are absolutely right. Yes, it`s an "us vs them"-attitude, and it wasn`t me that started it. They`ve always looked at me kind of funny. And of course, there`s also the occasional "so, have you been making any thoughts about the future, the future of this world blah blah blah"-crap. And of course, then I`m forced to say "please, lets not get into religion, it will only result in an argument"...but then of course, they take that as an insult allready. It all boils down to the fact that it`s impossible to get anything right with these people. I just wish at least some of them would have the sense to not mention religion at all, but I still haven`t met any JW like that. So I`m gonna stay away from that wedding, that`s for sure. Thanks everybody.

  • sass_my_frass

    How about the coffee-table version of crisis of conscience?

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