Oh, how I hate ex-spouses!

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  • unbeliever


    In the US as a general rule if you remarry you can kiss your spousal support good bye. You can lose it even if you cohabitate with someone. That is crazy your friend still has to pay it when she has remarried.

  • LDH
    I am a firm believer that a parent should not have to pay for college or pay child support past the age of 18.

    Sorry sweetie, I disagree. If the parents are college educated, and the income is available, it should be paid. Just an opinion.

    Who do you think should pay for the college education?

    My case was originally housed in New York.


    PS Mary that is downright gross.

  • Mary
    In the US as a general rule if you remarry you can kiss your spousal support good bye. You can lose it even if you cohabitate with someone.

    I guess the rules are different in the States as opposed to up here in Cana-duh............that's what makes it so damn unfair!!

    Ah what are we all complaining about anyway? Armageddon should be here aaaaaannnnyyyy day now and wipe out child support altogether, right??

  • outnfree
    Our attorney tells us we should just hand it over.

    That is because s/he realizes that your husband's ex was requesting all of that information in order to file the FASFA (Federal Application for Student Financial Aid). A FAFSA must be filed with the federal government in order for any college student to be considered for financial aid of ANY sort, including grants, loans and scholarships, from the college of his/her choice. The income of both parents is considered.

    I am recently divorced and this is the first year I had to file the form as a divorcee. Basically, I had to prepare my ex's income tax for him, in order to be able to complete the FAFSA for the two children who are still his dependents according to our divorce decree and federal tax law.

    Of course, I had prepared the FAFSAs for the family for the past three years and also was the one who paid the bills the past 25 years. So he was okay with it because 1/ he hates paperwork and 2/ he knew I'd keep the personal information from the kids. He's of the mind that he has to provide for them, but they don't need to know the details of his financial picture. That's okay by me...


  • outnfree

    Ummm...but the ex did go to EXTREMES when she asked for 3 years worth of records. She needs his 2005 tax return, basically or the information to "guesstimate" what his tax liability would have been for last year. She may be pissed off because your husband's non-compliance may have made her miss the deadline for her state for filing the FAFSA and now your stepson has lost out on free money -- which may have benefitted BOTH households.

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