Strange question...

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  • Clam

    I'm surprised that Americans dont call them Ortodontic Hygeine and Recycling Fairies. They certainly seem to take dentistry more seriously over there.

  • Narkissos

    Fwiw the French equivalent of the Tooth Fairy is "the little mouse" (la petite souris).

  • Lilycurly

    Is that in France? Because us french-canadian call it La Fée des Dents....

  • delilah

    Yes, we call it the Tooth Fairy here....I have to tell you a story...I put a dollar coin, (Loonie) in an envelope, because I knew my son would lose it overnight. He had his tooth under his pillow, and the next morning, the tooth was gone, and in it's place was the envelope. He couldn't open it, so he had his older brother open it. Well, he opened it, and the coin flew past them, without either of them realising it. My youngest son, stormed down the stairs, and yelled, "The tooth fairy took my tooth, and left me an empty envelope! I don't ever want her to come again!"....I laughed my head off, and reassured him that the money was up in his room, they'd better go look for it...sure enough, they found the coin, on the bed where it had landed. My husband and I have laughed over that one for quite some time.

  • RunningMan

    In my family, he was known as Mike Duffy.

  • Narkissos
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    In Canada it's the Tooth Fairy also

  • tijkmo
    I'm surprised that Americans dont call them Ortodontic Hygeine and Recycling Fairies

    surely it is not comsidered pc to call them fairies any more

    they should be called orthodontic hygeine and recycling alternative life-stylers

  • tijkmo

    tooth fairy in manhunter...and red dragon

    buffalo bill in silence of the lambs

  • truckerich

    In my house....they call the Tooth Fairy...Mommy and Daddy...LOL depending on who has some spare change...

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