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    I'm very curious if anybody has info on whether or not they actually have this thing while the new moon is over jerusalem or is this just some lame production all together where they don't actually do it at the same time it's being done in jerusalem , isn't the big point they make is doing it on the right day and time ? I know here in texas they do wait for sundown on the given day but that isn't the same as sundown in jerusalem on the passover . They admit the time variance each year needs to be calculated but , how far do they go for accuracy? This thing, according to the bible, does not need to be done in a church but is done in peoples homes anyway and only people that are planning to eat and drink need to show at it . Of course I go over this every year .

  • Severus

    *** w77 6/15 p. 383 Questions From Readers ***

    It was on the 14th of the Jewish month Nisan, the date of the Passover, that Jesus directed his followers to commemorate his death. (Luke 22:14-20) Appropriately, the date for the Memorial celebration is arrived at as the Jews back then determined the date for the Passover. They began the month of Nisan when they could first see the new moon in the spring nearest the equinox. Passover came fourteen days later.—Isa. 66:23; Ex. 12:2, 6.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses now follow this ancient pattern in determining the Memorial date. Please note that the first thing that needs to be established is when the new moon nearest the spring equinox (about March 21) will be visible in Jerusalem. This is not the astronomical new-moon time listed on a calendar or astronomical table. Why? Because the first thin sliver of the new moon is not visible until eighteen to thirty hours after the moment of astronomical new moon.

    Still confused? Just nod your head and accept...that's a good JW!

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